Layered PSDs | All of my layers are intact to root around in.

Process Videos | There is almost always a video accompanying any illustration I make; you get all of them!

Works in Progress | I save a lot of WIP snapshots for my art from beginning to end. Sometimes a very absurd amount. I also make process gifs out of them on occasion.

Discord Access | There should be a link that shows up at the left of my page that can be clicked, once subscribed! There’s a ten minute timer before the full server can be accessed.

The Archive | All of my fanart from 2015 up until now, in a convenient dropbox archive. There are also links to more recent illustrations. WIPs, PSDs, stories, higher resolution files, doodles, videos, comic pages, and finished illustrations. ♥

Illustration Essays | I put a lot of thought into my illustrations and process. When I'm finished, I usually like to write a fair amount about how I got to where I am, what I liked and disliked about the piece and its individual process, and what I'd like to do differently or similarly for next time.