The Archive | Everything I've done since 2015 up until now, in a convenient dropbox archive. The archive is only available through my discord server as a precautionary measure to prevent easily leaking content. WIPs, PSDs, stories, higher resolution files, doodles, videos, comic pages, finished illustrations, and a ton I'm probably forgetting. ♥
Layered PSDs | All of my layers are intact and you get to root around the nitty-gritty of my art process.
Worldbuilding | You'll get to see characters and stories come to life through conceptual doodles and my own personal musings that don’t make it into the public eye.
High-res Files | All the details. All of them. You'll get high resolution copies of finished illustrations for your own use and entertainment.
Discord Access | Once you subscribe to me, access is yours! There should be a link that shows up at the left of my page that you'll click to get pulled into my server.
Illustration Essays | I put a lot of thought into my illustrations and thought process. When I'm finished, I usually like to write a fair amount about how I got to where I am, what I liked and disliked about the piece and its individual process, and what I'd like to do differently or similarly for next time.
Works in Progress | I save a lot of WIP snapshots for my art from beginning to end; you get to see all of them in order.
Doodles and Scrapped Art | Radiant Roses and up get to see the stuff that didn't work, or was only ever meant to be a doodle. Stuff that most likely wouldn't make it into the public eye.
Exclusive Stories and Artwork | Short stories and novels with their accompanying illustrations - covers both front and back, and the illustrations both public and exclusive for each piece of writing.