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I'm a freelance artist with a full-time job, I'm 31 years old and enjoy digital art and (hopefully) to create graphic novels and utilize this platform for it.
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Access to early WIPs and other misc. doodles and sketches!

  • You'll also be able to see more in depth / refined sketches and doodles who knows what else I plan!
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Other misc. content will also be under this tier too!

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  • Early sketches and work in progresses!
  • Wips, doodles and sketches, refined progress etc
  • Finished pieces, chance at a B+W headshot Sketch each month!

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Hi, this may come off as sounding rather odd, but I'm really not liking that the payout is locked to $150 in order to request a payout. So I'm thinking about just ditching this, but the refund policy here is really odd and I'm not quite fond of that- so if you want to request refunds go ahead, idk if it'll refund in total or partial.

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