I’m a Spanish illustrator and cartoonist who work mainly in hentai, monster girls and comic. Right now I run four web comics with hundreds of pages and some series of illustrations. Most of them can be viewed in my website , and also in this site, but i'll have aditional content as reward for Star suporters so you can see more of my work by donating some spare money to my subscribestar.

All of my comics are in both English and Spanish so check in the website to change language.


-Monster girls on tour is an absurd humor comic about Monster girls, with K'sara the salamander as protagonist, traveling a fantasy world in stupid adventures. It updates tuesdays and saturdays and supporters can read an extra page.

-Monster girls on hentai, is a patreon exclusive comic about monster girls having sex, it updates every month.

-​Triggerhappy is a series of political comic strips against censorship, political correctness and social justice warriors, mainly focused on videogames, but expanded to everyday life.

-Guild adventure is an already complete manga with about 600 pages, set in a world similar to Monster hunter, and related to Monster girls on tour.

-I also do sporadic humor pages about games like League of legends with "My little eve", or about Overwatch with "Team Talon blasts off again".

I also do versions of creatures as monster girls, especially of Monster hunter creatures, which I already have more than 50, but I also do version from pokemon, league of legends, movies, etc. Also, I usually upload a nude version of them as exclusive content for my supporters in subscribestar, and do a poll to decide some of the next creatures to draw.

I work a lot on nude, erotic and even pornographic stuff, and upload many of it as exclusive content on Star. I also upload exclusive content like concept arts, videos, and making of pages of my drawings, as well as do drawing rewards for my best supporters, so take a look at the rewards and support me with a little money if you like me to keep doing all that stuff :).