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Spanish artist doing Monster girls comics and mature content. Sometimes i do social commentary comics. Also i identify as the spanish inquisition.
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I’m a Spanish illustrator and cartoonist who work mainly in hentai, monster girls and comic. Right now I run four web comics with hundreds of pages and some series of illustrations. Most of them can be viewed in my website , and also in this site, but i'll have aditional content as reward for Star suporters so you can see more of my work by donating some spare money to my subscribestar.

All of my comics are in both English and Spanish so check in the website to change language.

-Monster girls on tour is an absurd humor comic about Monster girls, with K'sara the salamander as protagonist, traveling a fantasy world in stupid adventures. It updates tuesdays and saturdays and supporters can read an extra page.

-Monster girls on hentai, is a patreon exclusive comic about monster girls having sex, it updates every month.

-​Triggerhappy is a series of political comic strips against censorship, political correctness and social justice warriors, mainly focused on videogames, but expanded to everyday life.

-Guild adventure is an already complete manga with about 600 pages, set in a world similar to Monster hunter, and related to Monster girls on tour.

-I also do sporadic humor pages about games like League of legends with "My little eve", or about Overwatch with "Team Talon blasts off again".

I also do versions of creatures as monster girls, especially of Monster hunter creatures, which I already have more than 50, but I also do version from pokemon, league of legends, movies, etc. Also, I usually upload a nude version of them as exclusive content for my supporters in subscribestar, and do a poll to decide some of the next creatures to draw.

I work a lot on nude, erotic and even pornographic stuff, and upload many of it as exclusive content on Star. I also upload exclusive content like concept arts, videos, and making of pages of my drawings, as well as do drawing rewards for my best supporters, so take a look at the rewards and support me with a little money if you like me to keep doing all that stuff :).

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Page about things that happened the first day of congress, with Vox going early to pick the seats of the Psoe party.

I kinda got the urge to draw the spanish political parties as anime schoolgirls, because all the stupid stuff they do can be done as a school slice of life. I made some sketches, people gave opinions, and well, i’ve ended doing some pages. Earlier pages can be found here. It’ll not be a regular series, i’ll just do one of these if i see them do someting stupid that could be done as school life. If you’re not spanish you probably will not understand the jokes, but then again, this wasn’t made for you 🙂

You can read my other comics about monster girls or social commentary in my website or support my patreon for mature content

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I have already done several of these shipping drawings, but people keep asking for more. So alas, another date drawing of TayTweets and Kizuna Ai. Also, nude version in patreon and subscribestar.

Ya hice varios de estos dibujos enrollando  TayTweets y Kizuna, pero la gente sigue piendomelos. También versión desnuda en patreon y subscribestar.

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Some days ago i saw an image with that Tumblr comment, and a drawing of sharks that someone made, and since i’m a monster girls artist, i just had to do my own version of it XD. Also, a nude version for my  supporters
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Drawing of Fubuki from One Punch Man, who may or may not be dressed like another psychic from another anime. And ofc nude version for my supporters

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English & Español: It’s time again for the annual fanart contest for my webcomic about Monster girls. Monster girls on tour started as sporadic comic strips about secondary monster girls from my webcomic Guild adventure. But as time passed, the characters for this humor strips have become some of my most popular stuff, to the point that today MGoT is my main comic, and a story is slowly revealing itself in its pages.

Thus, a fanart contest for the comic began, that I continue each year.

The rules are simple:

-Make a drawing of one (or more) characters who appear in Monster girls on tour.

You can draw all the characters you want (which will increase your chances to win) in a single entry, or you can send multiple entries, but you can only win one of the two prizes. You can get lewd if you want. In fact i like lewd. Obviously it would be good if you read the comic to know what to draw and how. Ehem.

There are 2 prizes:

-1st prize: -50$ (sent by paypal) -A pinup drawing of any character you want (doesn’t have to be from the comic) – Two keychains from here – Two PC game codes from this list – 5 posters of your choice – Special adventures of Monster girls on tour, “the festival”, “the gamer”, “the magical girls” and “halloween”– the three chapters of “Monster girls on hentai”. If you happen to be Spanish, I can throw in physical versions of my fanzines Tamago duro and of Monster girls on tour

-2nd prize: –One pc code game from this list (after first prize has chosen) -One chibi drawing of any character you want -The four pdf Special adventures of Monster girls on tour. – The three chapters of Monster girls on hentai. The deadline for the contest is the 31 of May 2019. You can send your submissions to [email protected] ————— Es tiempo de nuevo para el concurso de fanarts de mi webcomic sobre chicas monstruo. Monster girls on tour empezo como tiras sueltas con las chicas monstruo de mi comic Guild adventure . Pero según paso el tiempo, los personajes de esas tiras se han ido volviendo de mis obras más populares, al punto de que hoy MGoT es mi comic principal, y una historia se va desarrollando poco a poco en sus paginas.

Así pues, nació el concurso de fanart, que sigo haciendo hoy; las reglas son simples:

-Haz un dibujo de uno (o más) personajes que aparezcan en Monster girls on tour. Podéis dibujar todos los personajes que queráis (lo que aumenta las posibilidades de ganar) en una sola entrada, o podéis mandar multiples entradas, aunque solo podéis ganar uno de los premios. Podéis hacer cosas pervertidas. De hecho me gusta lo pervertido.

Hay dos premios:

-Primer premio: -50$ (enviados por paypal) -Un dibujo pinup del personaje que quieras (no tiene porque ser del comic) – Dos códigos de juegos de PC de esta lista – 5 posters de tu elección – Aventuras especiales de Monster girls on tour “el festival” , “la gamer” , “las magical girls” y “halloween” – Los tres capítulos de Monster girls on Hentai.

Para ganadores españoles puede meter también las versiones fisicas de Tamago duro, Monster girls on tour y Guild adventure.

-Segundo premio: Un código de juego de pc de esta lista (tras que elija el ganador) -Un chibi gratuito de un personaje que quieras – Los 4 pdfs de Aventuras especiales de Monster girls on tour.– Los tres capítulos de Monster girls on Hentai.

La fecha de entrega limite es el 31 de Mayo de 2019. Podéis enviar los dibujos a [email protected]

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I wasn’t too happy about the first Reaction image i did to laugh at those idiots who go on to hate men, whites, heteros or non trans and have pronouns in ther bios. I’m sorry for all the level headed lgbt people, but this idiots are giving you an absolute insane image.

Support me on patreon for exclusive content and rewards Read my other webcomics at

Check my merch store

I’m also open for commissions

twitter: facebook:

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I know that apparently no one cares or even knows about her; it seems as if almost no one watches the anime (yet it has 36 episodes) so most people will be completely lost on this without context, but after the latest episode i had to draw her. So here's Columbine, the most adorable villain from Karakuri Circus.

Se que aparentemente a nadie le importa o siquiera sabe sobre ella; parece como si casi nadie ve este anime (a pesar que tendrá 36 episodios) así que la mayoría estarán perdidos aquí sin contexto, pero tras el ultimo episodio tuve que dibujarla. Así que aquí está Columbine, la villana más adorable de Karakuri Circus.

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Ok, my Subscribestar is ready to work. I usually only worked with Patreon, but due to their controversies, many people left the place, even if they wanted to support me. So i've created this Star account, for those who wanna support me, just not there.

This site will have the same Tiers than patreon, also i have uploaded all of the "Very NSFW" hentai series, which can be found here

And also all of the pages of the hentai comic "Monster girls on hentai"

I haven't been able to upload all of the nude drawings i had in patreon since it's an insane amount of material, but i've uploaded several batches of them that can be found here

This site will operate the same as patreon. I'll do several drawings per month of topics i like and do uncensored versions of most of them for the Tier 1+ supporters. Tier 2+ and on will have access to more content, like the Very NSFW series or the Hentai comics. They can also read a page of my webcomic Monster girls on tour in advance of the public release.

SubscribeStar doesn't have a Poll system yet, so i'll be trying some external method to do polls so you can vote for my next drawings, and let's see if it works or i have to ditch that option.

And that's all. You can support me in patreon if you want to find more material than there's here (you can find all of it using the tags) or if you don't like them, support me here. This is intended as a secondary option for those who don't like Patreon, and since i can't use paypal on Subscribestar i would probably prefer people to support me in patreon instead, but i understand those who hate the site, and this is an alternative for you.

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I can't possibly upload here all of the material i have done through the years. I've uploaded all of the Hentai drawings i did speficicaly for patreon, as well as the Hentai comics, and some batches of nude drawings.

I'll upload here a batch of normal, sfw drawings for reference on what to expect of me. If you support me you'll have access to nude versions, and all the hentai drawings and comics, depending on your Tier

The nude batches are here

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I've created this page for those who want to support me but don't want to do it through Patreon due to their policies.

It contains basically the same things as my patreon. I upload several drawings a month from popular animes/games/topics with uncensored versions for supporters. Supporters can also vote what themes they would like me to draw. Higher tier's supporters have access to exclusive hentai drawings and comics.

Subscription Tiers

Ss logo sign mono back
Tier 1 -Lewd access Tier

I´ll be happy, i will say hello to you if i see you on the street :D, also, but not so important, you will have access to Patreon only exclusive stuff.

Tier 1 rewards:

-Access to exclusive stuff: You'll have access to the exclusive art i will upload every month for patrons, this includes adult drawings, nude versions of my regular drawings, some exclusive comics like Dragon ball X Disney and also "Making of videos". -Suggestions: You may make suggestions for drawings and i sometimes will pick some of them to include in votes for next drawings. -Fanart drawing vote: Each month i'll make a poll with topics i'm interested in drawing and the suggestions i've found interesting, and supporters may vote the one they want to see made, so i'll do that one along the month.

Ss logo sign mono back
Tier 2 - Extra comic + Very NSFW tier

Tier 2; You'll have all of Tier 1 rewards, plus:

-Access to Concept arts and Works in progress; sketches and original ideas for my comics, drawings and proyects with anotations and curiosities. -Access to Comics: You will have access to one advanced page of my webcomic Monster girls on tour. -Exclusive PDF comics: When you make your pledge i will send you a comic pdf with the Special adventure "Monster girls on tour: the festival" -Access to the very NSFW stuff: Each month i'll do at least one adult drawing for my 5$+ patreons. I'll open polls so you can vote what characters or themes you'll like to see, and i'll upload the drawing to be seen in this tier.

Ss logo sign mono back
Tier 3 - hentai Tier

Tier 3; you'll have access to all previes Tier rewards, plus:

-Access to the exclusive porn comic Monster girls on Hentai, which updates every month with hentai scenes of my monster girls.

-Print quality stuff: At the last days of the month i'll make a post with all my drawings of that month in High quality for the 10$+ patreons.

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Tier 4 - Chibi drawing tier

Tier 4; You'll have access to all previous Tier rewards, plus:

-Exclusive PDF comics: When you make your pledge i will send you all of my pdf comics: Monster girls on tour: The festival; Monster girls on tour: the gamer and MGoT: The magical girls -Personalized B/W chibi: At the beginning of the month, you can ask me to draw a character, and i will make a quick w/b chibi of it and send it to you by email. (This are not commissions, you cannot ask for specifics and revisions, they are quick drawings )

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Tier 5 - B&W drawing tier

Tier 5; you'll have all of previous Tier rewards, plus:

-Personalized B/W drawing: Instead of the chibi drawing, at the beginning of the month you can ask me to draw a character and i will make a simple B&W drawing of it and send it to you by email. (This are not commissions, you can't ask for specifics or revisions)

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Tier 6 - Color drawing tier

Tier 6; you'll have all of previous Tier rewards, plus:

-Personalized color drawing: Instead of the B&W drawing, at the beginning of the month you can ask me to draw a character and i will make a simple color drawing of it and send it to you by email. (This are not commissions, you can't ask for specifics or revisions) Example

-Comic strip cameo: You can ask to have yourself or a character introduced as a cameo in some of my comics. It may be Guild adventure, Monster girls on tour, My little eve or some random strip i do, depending on what the character is. You can instead ask for a type of Monster girl to appear as an extra in MGoT. Alternatively, you can give an idea for a joke or page in MGoT or political page and i can introduce it if it fits.



  • Access to mature content, vote the themes for my drawings, early access to pages from Monster girls on tour, access to an exclusive hentai comic
The subscription gives you:
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-If i get to this amount i can dedicate some more time to comics instead of commissions. As long as i'm in this milestone, i'll publish extra pages of small strips like Gamergate Triggerhappy or Team Talon blasts off again, trying to do at least 2-3 peer month. -Si llego a esta cantidad puedo dedicar más tiempo a los cómics en lugar de otros trabajos, así que haré paginas extra de tiras comicas como Gamergate Triggerhappy o Team Talon despega de nuevo, intentando hacer al menos 2-3 al mes.
to reach
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-If i reach this ammount, i will only need to do a few commissions peer month to live, so i can dedicate a lot of time to comics. I'll change Monster girls on tour to a 3 pages peer week publication (right now it's a 2 pages peer week). -Si llego a esta cantidad, solo necesitaré unas pocas comisiones al mes para vivir, así que podré dedicar mucho tiempo a los comics. Cambiaré Monster girls on tour a 3 paginas a la semana (ahora mismo es 2 paginas a la semana)
to reach
the goal
-If i reach this ammount per month, i can basically live from it, so instead of commissions, i'll work full time on the comics and illustrations, releasing a lot of material exclusive for patrons and a lot of comic pages -Si llego a esta cantidad mensual, puedo en esencia vivir de esto, y trabajaría a tiempo total en los comics e ilustraciones, sacando un montón de material exclusivo de patreon

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