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JayaKun Zone
JayaKun Zone
NSFW 2D SpriteArt, Animations and 2D GameArt
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Copper Coin

Omg thanks!!

Welcome to my Discord Server!

  • You get Copper Role, meet our community, watch our works in progress and finished works as soon as they're completed.

  • All general contents unlocked for you as soon as they're published.

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per month
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Gold Coin
  • Access to the discussion and resources of our RPG Game Projects in development and validate ideas and plot lines in discord.

  • Moreover, you've got access to the secret rooms for a more specialized NSFW content, by requested private content from our higher tier patrons:

  • Request your Ruby Role to access more harsh (non sadistic/gruesome) content, FJ and others, from soft spanking up. Request your Amatist Role if looking for some direct lesb focused erotical interests, f#ta, etc.

  • These Discord roles are hidden as some users might not be interested in such contents. Just send me message just after joining with your discord user asking for your roles.

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per month
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Platinum Coin

Same Gold Tier rewards, plus - participate in the projects validating ideas - help us testing our games being the first to play them

You've got access to all my discord server, and if interested in the Ruby and/or Amatist channels, just ask.

Access and follow our starting projects all along their progress:

  • Working in several concepts and drafts, which could include platrormers and sidescrollers with unity and other engines.
  • Starting some RPG Maker Demo which features my animations.
  • Creating a storyboard animation framework prototype to make little scenes and share out content with the community.
0 subscribers    SubscribeStar $10.00 tier


  • 2d Sprite Animations
  • 2D nsfw videogame-ready content
  • nsfw videogames .... someday!

Recent posts

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JayaKun Zone
Public post
Hi everyone :D

I'm just opening the first post here to comment the open tiers, which are related with direct access to my discord server.

All roles are already defined to access the  channels with works in progress, animation variations and some game contents.

I'll post soon a link to the download of the game in progress too.

  • Copper Coin - Grant access to all discord general contents
  • Gold Coin - Grant access to the upper levels and sub-threads with more specialized contents
  • Platinum Coin - Grant access to the game threads, drafts and general contents to show, besides accessing the posts with the updated link to download the most recent version of the game.

Be welcome and let me know about any question or suggestion you have :)
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to reach
the Goal
I've just started testing how this works and I'd like to dedicate more time per week, I'm always glad to do so, but will work within my timesheet limit, mainly at weekend. If at some point this goal gets done, I can afford to dedicate more time, one or two hours per day, more at weekend and then open the next stages. - Invest in some art assets 3d content, etc for more scenes in the 3DCG content to publish some poser/daz based content. - Get some low-cost tools i can use to make better and detailed things. - Adquire extra software to make short games and participate in other projects. - Work 1-2 hours per day, plus extras on weekends.
to reach
the Goal
This goal will help me pay taxes to start seriously in this activity at partial-time (up to 3-4 hours per day) and an extra on weekend. Though I would like to include more content type for my animations, 3DCG scenes and storyboards (still looking for platforms), vector graphics animations to get a detailed view of the scene, interactive scenes and some basic games for my animations and characters... At this point I can't make a living on this yet, and my goals would be: - Be able to pay some taxes (required with this activity) - Start the production of interactive scenes and vector graphic animations for some platform. - Test fast game making platforms such rpgmaker for potential demos. - Attempt to achieve a faster production.
to reach
the Goal
Wohooo!! I'm taking this as a complementary job with a dedicated timesheet along the week and weekend, total priority. I set the focus in goals such define a NSFW game project (or several), and populate it with the original characters we define here. Now I could manage to: - Start building a potential NSFW/Ryona game project. - Test the contents over platforms such unity, monogame, rpgmakermv and other options. - Work every day for a potential full-time content, more animations, more monthly polls, more and more. - Faster production. - Hire external creators, writers and potentially, contribute in bigger projects.
to reach
the Goal
If at some point I was able to achieve this stage ... Thank you very much to all stars, I love you all ^^ - Total dedication at full time from now on. - Scheduling along the day to work with several project types, from the short animations, to a final game to publish in some platform. - Fulfill several requests, storyboards and animations each month.

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