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Fountain Malchemy
I'm Mikal and I do digital furry/fantasy/fetish art.
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You gain access to the Fountain Malchemy Discord and the ability to view the "Presenting" channel where my work is posted first before anywhere else.

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Silver Mask

You gain access to the WiP and Full Resolution channel on discord and the ability to download full resolution versions of my work from my Google Drive.

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Golden Mask

You gain access to PSDs and CLIP files of my work upon request and the ability to vote on Discord polls concerning certain projects and direction.

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  • Access to the Fountain Malchemy Discord.
  • Access to Full Resolution PNGs of my Work.
  • Access to PSDs or Clip files of my work upon request.

Recent posts

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Fountain Malchemy

Welcome to Fountain Malchemy's Subscribe Star! I'm Mikal, and I'm a furry digital artist who draws all kinda of lewd material.

This subscribe star grants you access to my discord, where my content is primarily run. Very little content will be posted on the SubscribeStar site itself, so I recommend that if you do not have a Discord that you acquire one to fully enjoy my content.

You can see my work on my Furaffinity page, here:

Come join my little slice of the furry community!

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to reach
the Goal
This seems pretty unreasonable for me to achieve at this stage, but this would allow me to do more personal work and really spread my metaphorical wings creatively.
This amount would be greatly appreciated, but I will have to rely primarily on commission work for income at this goal.


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