Infinite World is an open-ended, top-down view, 3D erotic RPG game (mainly focused on thicc characters) where you play as a young futanari girl who loses her parents and inherits what little they had left in the middle of this Medieval fantasy world. It is up to you what kind of person she will turn out to be.
This is a world where you can choose your own adventures, make your own decisions and go wherever you decide.
Made in Unreal Engine.

Current game state: Pre-Alpha ---

Current features:
(Note: Many of the current elements might be revised or replaced eventually, such as textures, animations, etc. These are not their final versions, unless specifically stated so.)


-- Marina and her basic animations
-- Hair, clothes, breasts and butt physics
-- Travel between maps
-- Chat mechanics (With some basic dialogues)
-- Basic attack mechanic (missing combat animations)
-- Female NPC (I'm creating a customizable NPC for both sexes similar to games like Skyrim, so I don't have to create unique models for every basic NPC)
-- Male NPC
-- Marina's basic clothing (You will be able to change your body clothing, shoes, gloves and hats later on)
-- Basic menus
-- Basic houses
-- Sex animations (2 FemalexMarina animations, 1 MalexMarina animation)
​-- Different types of NPCs (different skin colors, bodies, faces, hairs)

Environment (Already partially added)
-- Basic weapon
-- Basic enemy
-- Combat animations
-- More NPC sex animations
-- Enemy sex animations
-- Weight gain/lose system (for a thicker Marina)
-- Pregnancy system
-- Quests and story

-- Better textures for the characters, better animations, better environments, etc.