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Eclipsed Works
We are creating Erotic choice driven videogames, and art.
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Eclipsed Works
Shattered Lands V 0.70.1 now available!

Greetings everyone! We're excited to finally announce that the latest version of Shattered Lands is ready for everyone to try out. The next area, the Elven forests of Leothhoume can finally be explored by all and sundry! Also, considering its been a while since a public build has been released, this will be for available for everyone to sink their teeth into. Let's have a quick overview of what you can expect if you're just catching up!

The Second half of The Ovum!
Dig more deeply into the story of the subterranean goblins and forge ahead with your quest to track down Lahamu and settle things between yourselves once and for all. Contains a slew of new systems like updated reputation tracking, mini games to raise your stats, score tracking, 7 new sex scenes plus a fully animated scene and much more!

The Valentines day update!
Once you have completed Crystalline, you'll finally gain access to the mysterious Isle of Djerba. When it glows pink, you'll be able to participate in special holiday themed events. This time, you're taking a cute cherub out for a night on the town that you won't be able to forget! This event is only available in February but can be accessed by simply changing the month of your computer.

The St. Patrick's day update!
Return to the Isle of Djerba to meet up with girls you could only ever dream of seeing. This time embark on a desert tour with a feisty dwarven woman harboring a curious obsession with big snakes! Similar to the Valentines Day update, this event can only be accessed in March. There are still a few days left to try it out, however if you miss it you can always set your machines date back and claim your well earned island vacation.

The world of Leothhoume
Make your way down to the southern half of the world and discover the hidden Elven haven of Leothhoume. You'll meet a cadre of brand new characters who have a deep connection to both Tiamat and the history of the world itself, and perhaps, even a certain someone else? This area will present you with surprising challenges, difficult choices, and 6 new sex scenes worth of randy Elves on a centuries long heading towards their own mysterious destination. Will you be able to properly Influence their fate? Ultimately its all up to you!

Notes about this build
If you haven't played since the last public update it is highly recommended to start a new game. There have been many fundamental changes made to the build so if you want to have the best possible experience, you should try out the game from the beginning. There is a wide variety of content available in the game and not everything is able to be seen on a first play through. So give other options a go. Perhaps the road not taken will prove to be twice as interesting!

If you have played since the most recent update of 0.69.3 then it is recommended to check your journal. If you have completed Crystalline, but do not see an icon of Tira in your Rep tab then press 0 or 9 in order to make sure the status you left her in during the final stretch of the Ice caverns is properly recorded to make sure your adventure continues without a hitch or any missed opportunities.

Phew, that's an awful lot to take in. You can take a well deserved break and find the latest version of the game here!

There's always something that can go wrong so If you have any comments, questions, bugs, or concerns or just want to talk about the game you can always join our discord here

We're very excited to be able to show you what we've been working on all this time and have even more things to add to the game in the coming days and even weeks. Until then be sure to let us know what you think and, as always, thanks for playing Shattered Lands!

Subscription Tiers

per month
Acolyte Tier

"Sin? It can't be allowed to flourish! But... its just a point of view, right?"

-Access to the latest alpha builds the second they become available.

-Access to WIP Sex scenes and Art Previews.

-In the game's credits, be enshrined under the Acolyte title tier!

+All previous rewards!

13 subscribers SubscribeStar $3.00 tier
per month
Dragon Tier

"Let nothing stand in the way of your birthright. Power belongs to those with the will to claim it!"

-Vote in direction and character polls!

-All access to a behind the scenes look at content before its fully implemented into the game!

-In the games credits be enshrined under the Dragon title tier!

-Weigh in on character designs as they are created or read background lore to better understand the world being brought to life.

+All previous rewards!

2 subscribers SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
Goddess Tier


-Be enshrined in the game's credits under the Goddess title tier!

-Double voting power! Have a greater say in the polls and help better determine which we start working on first.

-Become a part of the game! You get to work with us to create a personalized blurb of wisdom that will be accessible to everyone through the Amulet of Whispers in the Visseron Orc Camp!

+All of the previous rewards!

1 subscriber SubscribeStar $15.00 tier
per month
Ascendant Tier

"Lock up your soul!"

-Name a character in the game! Work with us to help give a character a unique name to help leave your personal touch on the world!

-Ascendant Tier in the credits. A place of honor right at the top under the studio staff credits!

-NEW YCH Card Choose from one of the available cards featuring a character from the game and their respective Voice Actress and have an OC or other characters drawn for that card!

-Access to high resolution images of every sex scene in the game!

-Access to the latest full version of the Shattered Lands soundtrack!

+All Previous rewards

2 subscribers SubscribeStar $30.00 tier


The subscription gives you:
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  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.


$63 of $500
per month
We'll be able to commission more resources for the game in order to help bring you all a greater and more fun experience.

Other Creators


The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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