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Eclipsed Works
We are creating Erotic choice driven videogames, and art.
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Eclipsed Works
Curious? Obtain the free public build here! Current build v0.07

*Join us on

Shattered Lands and all future updates are currently available for free! Right now, each month every new build will be completely available to the public at absolutely no cost to you!

Pleasure! Power! Purpose!

Shattered Lands is an erotic visual novel with a heavy focus on player choice. This game focuses on the journey of the Dragon woman, Tiamat.

It is up to you to help guide her through an adventure of self discovery fraught with numerous challenges and countless sexual delights.

Play your way!

Your home cave where you can adjust Tiamat's Stats

Tiamat's story is a story about the choices people make and how those choices can not only change the world, but also the people who make them. Will the choices you make lead Tiamat towards being a callous despot? Or maybe a benevolent overlord? Perhaps something different entirely.

The path of Tiamat's character, and the characters of the people around her, are entirely up toyou to decide!

A perverse and willing world!

Ixsy offers up some discreet fun

Sex is as important to some in this world as eating or breathing. You will have the opportunity to interact with all manner of randy humanoids. From pious church girls, to futa centaurs in heat, and even orcs, elves, fairies, slime girls, sirens, frozen spirits, Lamia, and much much more!

With even the option to prostitute Tiamat or others and even conscript them, satisfaction is never more than a few clicks away!

Dynamic clothing and character system!

Customize Tiamat's and other's appearance!

Not only will Tiamat be able to change the way she looks, but as more options are unlocked and the story progresses you will be able to determine what clothes other characters wear or change how they look based on the choices you've made along the way.

These changes are reflected in every other part of the game! Be careful of what you choose to wear, because if it's a full length ball gown, BDSM gear or even nothing at all people will take notice! Always be mindful of the impression you want to make because your choices will have consequences!

A vibrant world to explore!

The world of Dilmoon.

The world of Dilmoon is a land divided. Teeming with all manner of diverse life from the debauched goblins that live underground to the stalwart and hardy salamanders that inhabit the scorching desert plateaus. Each group of people have a rich and storied history just waiting to be uncovered.

But there is even more beneath the surface. There is a secret that lies lost deep in the annuls of forgotten history. As you accumulate power, will you be able to dig up the hidden truth of this world?

Straightforward combat system!

Various modes of combat will be available!

Combat is simple in the world of Shattered Lands. You're either strong enough to win, or you lose. Gain lust through victory or defeat and use that to level up your stats! Health, Charisma, Strength, and Speed are the stats that will take you through the day. Pleasure and release awaits the victor! Though, there just might be delights awaiting those who like to willingly lose and not all battles are fought by crossing swords...

Build Tiamat up your way! Do you want her to be a silver tongued devil who effortlessly makes people dance to her tune? Maybe a slick rouge with even slicker fingers is more to your taste? There's always the option to make her into a bruiser whom no sane person would dare think to cross. If you're truly dedicated perhaps try mixing and matching to make something that can't be put into a neat little box. The choice is truly yours!

Quests and companions!

Embark on harrowing or personal quests.
As you make your way through the game you'll be able to recruit various companions who will serve as loyal members of Tiamat's growing inner circle. It will be up to you to determine their fates and if they succeed or fail in their long term endeavors.

You will also be able to receive quests from them or other characters. The more quests you complete, the further the story moves forward and the closer you come to fulfilling Tiamat's ambition. Whether the companions you accrue help you or hinder you in that goal is entirely up to the choices you make along the way! 

The developers
Artist, programmer and overall head honcho of Eclipsed Works. Her goal is to make the best erotic games she can and often looks forward to hearing about your adventures in the Shattered Lands.

Lawelite: Writer and composer for Eclipsed Works. He's always wanted to bring erotic worlds to life for people to enjoy and is always grateful for the support shown by the people he helps make happy.

Subscription Tiers

per month
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Lesser Fae

"Its always darkest just before the dawn. Why not enjoy it?"

-Access to the subscriber feed.

-Access to WIP asset dumps and updates.

-Our most sincere thanks for supporting the development of the game

0 subscribers   
per month
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Acolyte Tier

"Sin? It can't be allowed to flourish! But... its just a point of view, right?"

-Access to the latest alpha builds the second they become available.

-Access to WIP Sex scenes and Art Previews.

-In the game's credits, be enshrined under the Acolyte title tier!

+All previous rewards!

0 subscribers   
per month
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Dragon Tier

"Let nothing stand in the way of your birthright. Power belongs to those with the will to claim it!"

-Vote in direction and character polls!

-All access to a behind the scenes look at content before its fully implemented into the game!

-In the games credits be enshrined under the Dragon title tier!

-Weigh in on character designs as they are created or read background lore to better understand the world being brought to life.

+All previous rewards!

1 subscriber   
per month
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Goddess Tier


-Be enshrined in the game's credits under the Goddess title tier!

-Double voting power! Have a greater say in the polls and help better determine which we start working on first.

-Become a part of the game! You get to work with us to create a personalized blurb of wisdom that will be accessible to everyone through the Amulet of Whispers in the Visseron Orc Camp!

+All of the previous rewards!

1 subscriber   
per month
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Ascendant Tier

"Lock up your soul!"

-Name a character in the game! Work with us to help give a character a unique name to help leave your personal touch on the world!

-Ascendant Tier in the credits. A place of honor right at the top under the studio staff credits!

-Access to high resolution images of every sex scene in the game!

-Access to the latest full version of the Shattered Lands soundtrack!

+All Previous rewards

1 subscriber   


Recent posts

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Eclipsed Works
Public post
Greeting's everyone! This is just a quick update that we're sending out to you at the start of this month to let you know that we're still working hard on putting everything together for the next build. The animations are still being worked on diligently and are going to be one of the largest parts of this update so that is something to get excited about and look forward to!

We're also going to start posting the rewards for the higher tiers like the Ascendant tier which comes with access to the soundtrack and to high quality images for you to enjoy. We're also working on a new poll for you guys to start voting on since we're coming up on the end of the current area and are getting ready to move on to the next piece of the map. We think you'll really love what we've come up with so stay tuned for that here!

If you want to keep up with the latest in all things Shattered Lands and interact with the devs or the community then visit us on discord You'll be able to always know whats going on and provide us with more direct feedback. We would really love to hear from you and we appreciate your support. Its such a  great pleasure to have you and, as always, thank you for playing Shattered Lands!

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Eclipsed Works
Public post
Version 0.07 Hotfix!!XAZSEKIa!z8J5TFn-_pbVrARHz2ogIbYx33sO9PmJZ4IiU9bP0EY

We've got a hotfix for 0.07 ready for you all to download. It contains various fixes and updates such as Updated sprites, fixing costumes, making interactive objects more readily apparent and making several clues for the investigation portion of the game more easily spottable along with fixing several issues that people were having with saves.

Enjoy the update and as always thank you for playing Shattered Lands!

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We'll be able to commission more resources for the game in order to help bring you all a greater and more fun experience.


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  • Full, unlimited access to Star's profile content - to view it online or to download it to future use.
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