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We create erotica stories and adult comics
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Daddy's Goodnight Kiss Chapter 1The first chapter is here. Here are the first 10 pages (of 11) of...

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Greetings. I'm Alec. I'm a writer and artist and I'm working on adult comics. Some of the subject matter I focus on might be considered a little taboo, so I'm playing around with this platform to see how well it works out. 
The comic I'm working on is Daddy's Goodnight Kiss, it's an adaptation of a visual novel I made a while back. It's not going to be a 1:1 adaptation and will likely veer pretty heavily off the script from the game. This is it's own thing.
Each month I'm going to release a new chapter of the DGK comic as well as a remastered version of one of my old erotica stories with new 3d rendered illustrations.

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