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Dante R. Wolfington
Dante R. Wolfington
I am a Writer, Editor, Proofreader and Character/World-builder.


  • I'll put something here when I think of it!


$0.59 of $50
per month
If I reach this goal I will be able to invest more into my business and thus be able to provide you with more content! Investments include things like, program subscriptions, new equipment, or even just improving my habits to make them healthier!
$0.59 of $100
per month
At this goal I will have all my programs and equipment costs figured out for the year, thank you so much! I'll try to take any leftover and put it toward new ventures, such as hiring an artist for book covers and other things to make my work much more interesting!
$0.59 of $250
per month
If I manage to hit this goal, I will definitely be moving into the book making sector, hiring artists to make my covers, setting up visual references for any characters worlds I created and write about, the skies the limit!
$0.59 of $500
per month
If I manage to his this goal in my life time, I will make sure that I do something big for all my supporters for the first month at this goal! After that I will try to look into investing in a physical location where anyone can come hang out, I'll try to make sure it's a fun and interesting place!
$0.59 of $1,000
per month
At this point I'll be flabbergasted that you guys support me so much, I'll definitely have lots of conent to make it worth while too, I'm actually not sure what I'd do with this much after taking all the previous goals into account...maybe suggestions when we get to it?
$0.59 of $2,000
per month
OKAY, IF we get to THIS goal I'll be able to afford most, if not all, of my rent costs plus the previous goals, like, thank you guys SO much, I love you all!

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