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Our Fate is my first adult game. I want to provide players with a well written story, realistic characters facing emotional situations, but also high quality adult content.
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Our Fate is my first adult game. I want to provide players with a well written story, realistic characters facing emotional situations, but also high quality adult content, musics and sounds, animations and a custom made UI. My goal is to create an immersive game for you all to enjoy.

Current release: 0.14a from April, 09 Next update release date: 0.15 >> May, 12th for T2

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I've been working on this project for months now, spending a lot of time everyday, tens of hours each week, to have a bug free, story driven, with good quality pictures game. I'd like to be able to go on doing that! I have so many ideas for this game and would really like to offer something different and worth supporting. Ideally being able to earn enough to make it my full time job. Even if I plan on finishing the game whatever the circumstances, for sure, the actual level of support could mean I need to take a step back and focus on other parts of my life. I'm just one person, not a team. So if you enjoy the game please consider supporting me, that will help a lot. If you can't, any little bit is welcome, talking about the game, promoting it, offering suggestions, correcting typos are also important! Thanks a lot to all people supporting me, one way or another!

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Our Fate v0.13a Classic Edition for PC / Linux

Our Fate v0.13a Classic Edition for Mac

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I'm proud to present to you my first game, Our Fate - A New Family. Our Fate is a story-oriented adult fiction visual novel with an emphasis on emotions, and choices. In the game, you play the role of a successful author whose life takes an unexpected turn following a late-night call from his long-lost ex-girlfriend. Now in possession of information that will change his life forever, it’s up to you to decide if you will play as a kind, warm-hearted man or a tyrant as you make difficult choices to determine your fate, as well as those around you.

The game world covers a wide range of settings, and there is a large library of music and sound effects to accompany you on your journey. Critical choices are highlighted, negating the need for a walkthrough or guide… just play as you wish and enjoy.

I really hope you give my game a try, enjoy your time playing and consider supporting me !

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Closest Friends
  • You get a big 'Thank you so much'.

  • You can download the monthly update of my game.

  • You have access to previews during the month.

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Best friends
  • All previous Tiers Rewards.

  • You get an even bigger 'Thank you so so much !'.

  • You can access polls about the design (Clothes etc)

  • You can download the game 5 day before the monthly release.

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  • All previous Tiers Rewards.

  • You get a special place in my heart !

  • You'll have access to a special release with exclusive content.

  • You can download the game 7 days before its release.

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  • Access to the monthly release
  • Access to picture previews weekly
  • Announcements and progress reports.

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With this amount, I will be able to upgrade my PC, providing more renders, of a better quality. I will also be able to purchase 3D assets, adding more diversity and good looking visuals. It also means a large enough audience is interested in my game, which is really encouraging.


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