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Degenerated lewd animator
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  • Some might knows me as Cavafly01. I started animating porn before SFM was cool! The competition is now way bigger, so I'm always trying to find a way to get better, improving the quality of my videos the best way I can. And to do so, my dear CPU is the first victim on the line!
  • Doing porn is more time consuming now than when I started doing it. This also means I won't be able to do it for too long unless you change it by deciding to support me! I want to keep my work free to access, and this page is a way for people to donate to me if they feel like my work deserves it, and if they want to keep me on track in the porn business!
  • Supporters will have early access to the Work In Progress of the futures animations, as well as getting access to the final product earlier than public release.

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Taking turn on Crush LuluAnimation in the making

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This is were the fun starts

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