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Carmine Acciai
Carmine Acciai
Retro games and Leftie Politicking
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Subscription Tiers

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Up The Ante

Throw another coin to your Witcher, and gain his eternal gratitude!

0 subscribers
per month
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The Bard Goes Drinking

When the going gets tough, the Bard goes drinking. Subscribers at this tier get the option to cast SOSI and find out what title is in the stream's future!

0 subscribers
per month
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Ready to leave that time capsule behind and jump into the mysterious future of 20XX? This tier has you covered, gets you a pick of what I'll be streaming this month!

0 subscribers
per month
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Floor 25

Congratulations, Half-Elven Fighter/Cleric/Magic-User, you have reached the final floor. Claim the Orb and Decide what title I will dedicate a week of streaming to!

0 subscribers


  • Wanna support me? Toss a buck my way and I'll keep on streamin'!
  • If Pronouns, LGBTQIA+ people, or anarcho-communist politics are a problem for you, get the fuck out! I do not want you in my circles or giving me money.
  • Each tier retains benefits of the previous tiers*

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