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Im Bibi and I am an Anime Youtuber!You can find Anime News, Figure Reviews, Recommendations and Live Streams on my channel
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Chibi Biblet

I thank all of you who have become a Chibi Biblet! For donating $1 and above you gain:

  • Your name will be added to the end of each video I post

  • Early access to most videos & exclusive polls

  • You will get my Friend Code for Pokemon Go

(Limited access this will leave if I run out of space)

  • Added to the second floor of my school in Minecraft

  • You gain the Bibleteer role on my discord, allowing you to access the Bibleteer chat & voice chat!

Click link to get Pokemon Go Friend Code:

Again thank you all for the donation! You are the best!!

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per month

You are now a Bibleteer!! For donating $5 you will have all the perks of the Chibi Bibles!

  • You get a shout out!! I will read out your name at the end of every video and stream!

  • A look at all new figures before I do a figure review on them and an early look at the reviews themselves

Thank you so much for you support!!

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per month
Biblet Scout

You are now a Biblet Scout!

For donating $10 and above you will have all the perks of the Chibi Biblets & Bibleteers as well as:

  • Get to suggest one anime themed future build for my Minecraft Stream (with out redstone)

Note: This will be done after what ever build I am working on at that point in time & will be made in order of pledges - meaning there maybe builds before yours.

Thank you so much for your support!

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