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Asianpie profile
I draw random shit and smut with humans, furries, monsters and anything in between, with some focus on micro/macro, vore and femdom type content.
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Thank you, little Helper! Your sacrifice of coin is most appreciated.

You'll get access to my secret stash (high res, alt versions) and can vote in me polls.

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"Ah, come in. Fetch the virgins and beer!"

Your further assistance with moneys gains you access to the Helper rewards and for now that's about it.

Once I've figured out how to navigate this place you'll also be able to submit characters for extras cameos in my bigger pieces (spreads, comics etc) and can submit ideas in my suggestion box (Discord).

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  • For now, there won't be any rewards except for the feeling you've sacrificed a few dollars to something dark and terrible.
  • Lighter wallet.

Recent posts

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Public post
I'm just startin on here figurin shit out.

So for now there's no rewards, but I'll see about sortin somethin out for folks.
Will post once that becomes more relevant. Until then, enjoy the void.

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