I am aphrodisia, a developer of adult visual novels. I have a long history of working on safe-for-work games, but I've always had a divine calling. Let's get right down to it: my divine calling is to make smut. Of chicks with dicks. And tails, and scales, and tentacles, and who knows what else. Is that your thing, too? Perfect! Click here to join my public Discord!

Currently, I'm developing the adult visual novel Reborn in Sin. Reborn in Sin is a fantastical tale of lust and deviancy. It's set in a beautiful, Celtic-inspired world-lore and soundscape. As for the most important part: it features a futanari main character and multiple unique, sexy monster girls... some of which are futanari as well! You play as a fallen angel, cast out for lusting after a mortal. With almost no knowledge of the mortal world and no one left to turn to, you make a dark deal with a demon to survive. 

Pretty much all of the work on this project is fueled by passion. There's just one problem! Sadly, passion doesn't equal dollars. And while I do a little bit of everything, I still have to come up with those pesky dollars to pay the amazing people who do stuff I can't (like artwork by my amazing artist Mystra77). So that's where you come in! With your support, I can bring the game into its full glory, with all the characters, cutscenes, and general loving care it deserves.