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Adult 3D games and videos creator specializing in R-18 Vocaloid parody content. My main projects are created with Hatsune Miku. Also available on Patreon:
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Uncensored Game Projects + Beta Access

This contribution will provide you with free content updates for all desktop projects, including future VR projects. You can also recommend new content additions and have full access to votes and surveys. You also gain access to Android OS and Desktop Mascot projects when you surpass $10 over time. Thank you for contributing!

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R-18 Android OS/Desktop Mascot Access

In addition to the $1 contribution tier, you will also be given a free prototype Hatsune Miku R-18 Desktop Mascot and access to Android R-18 creations! You can also recommend what you would like to see next in coming Android OS and Mascot projects to influence their production, in addition to regular requests and voting.

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Premium Content Access

In addition to the $1 and $10 contribution tiers, you will also receive much higher priority for all project recommendations! With premium content access, your ideas for future content additions will come to life very quickly. You will also be given the free prototype Hatsune Miku R-18 Desktop Mascot access to Android R-18 creations!

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Developer Tier Access

In addition to the rewards of all previous tiers, this contribution will allow you to coordinate with me on a private, one-to-one level for maximum return on anything you would like to add to a project . This will guarantee the project you like will receive exactly what you would love to see! Every effort will be made to cater to your ideas! Additionally, you may also request custom video and photo content!

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  • I make Vocaloid parody adult video game projects updated monthly for Windows PCs, as well as an Android OS side project, fully uncensored and ready to enjoy!
  • The Northwood Lair, my main project, is a BDSM-focused adult game jam-packed with hardcore adult content, starring Hatsune Miku and her friends! Tie them up, enjoy an ever-growing array of erotic multi-stage animations, or let them pleasure you, any time you like!
  • My other projects: H Mate!, a fun and light-hearted adult game in which you are newly married to Hatsune Miku, and Miku Quickie X, an Android OS exclusive BDSM 3D R-18 project enjoyable on the go!
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