Hey, welcome to my page!
We're team of 2 working on working on visual novels and we go by the name Vole.
Developing VNs is a passion for us and we'll be able to invest more(spend more time, get help etc.) with your help.
Hyperreality - Lust of Munus is our first game on Patreon. We have a long way ahead of us since we have a long, detailed and adventerous story.

About the Game
This is a story oriented game. It will contain good amount of sexual content but it's not the main focus.
There will be 3 seasons. It's not certain that how many episodes will each season will have. But we'll present you a product roadmap as soon as we can.

  • Universe
In an unknown timeline an unknown universe, humanity is on the gates out of the technogical singularity. Due to extreme advancement of the
technology, humanity reached the comfort that we all dreamed of. In this intergalactic world, human beings live in space ships called "eggs", playing "The Game" which the ultimate simultion game contains infinite number of simulations, in infinite number of settings.
  • Story
A young man on the border of existential crisis, is trying to find the meaning of his life. Playing "The Game or facing the universe around him gets him in a lot of trouble. Destiny of this young man will lead him to find out the order of this chaotic and inconceivably big and complicated
storyline of the universe
Details of the Story
Story structure is build as a 3 act structure and divided into 3 seasons. Due to heavy background world building and story structure, you can either follow an interesting story or play just for casual fun as a high quality Visual Novel!
Storyline will be linear for the first few episodes. But we want to add alternative storylines and side stories in the first season. On the following seasons, we want to expand possibilities by adding more player choices&actions.

How often will new episodes be released?
We're planning to release as soon as it's possible. But we value quality so we don't want to rush just to release early. Also it's not possible to tell the frequency at this time, we have just released Episode 1. We'll release updates in every few months but we'll be able to tell you a spesific frequency in time.
Other than that currently we have daily jobs so we're spending our extra time to game. With your support we can hire other people and spend more time for the development.
About being a Patron
If you like our game and want to support us, please consider being a patron. Every donation is appreciated.
With your support we'll be able to create a better game, faster :)

Hope you enjoy this universe of unlimited possibilites!
Come wear your helmet and join us!