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Hi! This is Twomario (Luci)! I make feet / tickling related fetish artworks, mostly on males! (but I draw females and other things as well :) )
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The Pixiv FanBox now allows Paypal, which allows me to make my own Fanbox (it is same as Patreon, but without any restrictions like here) 

If you haven't paid for July 2019, do not pay yet, and move to Pixiv Fanbox! In there, I will be able to upload everything without any restrictions. And if you haven't, join my Patreon Discord as well! All the updates are there as well. 

All the supporters, thank you very much for your support! 
I will be deleting Patreon  and subscribestar this month, so in these few days, join my discord server, and move to my Pixiv Fanbox!
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 Nobaburn wrote a story as a present!

Please check his DA for more of his stories :D 

Mason decided to step out and grab something for him and his special guest to snack on, the adorable horned redhead Luci. It was nice for once to be the taller one in the room, even if it was just by a few inches, and not taking the height of the half-demon's horn into account.   They had spent the entire week together, mostly just himself and Luci. The reclusive Makoto joined them at several points, but was generally asleep while they were awake and about. Manuia was able to be around more often, who was pretty interested in meeting the demon boy. There was a lot of gameplay, movie watching... the two had gotten quite comfortable around each-other after the initial shyness.   Mace made sure to give the cute little soles of the demon a good going-over a few times, he particularly enjoyed the response he got from giving attention to the adorable birth marks on his left sole. But it wasn't long before Luci got the upper hand and made sure to give his own feet the same treatment. At several points the two had tickled each other until they were both tired and worn out, catching their breath and giggling while laying in a sweaty, hot pile on the bed or floor. The mischievous pair also made sure to pounce Manuia a few times, and reduced the tall islander to giggling tears, which he was sure to pay them back for in kind.   They also got creative when waking up Makoto at one point, which almost caused him to tumble off of the couch.   It's been a great few days, and even though it was nearing the end of their little 'playdate' they were definitely going to do this again.   Mace returned home, slipping out of his outdoor slip-ons and went upstairs to greet his friend. As he slowly poked his head into his room, he found a sight that gave baby kittens a run for their money.   He found Luci sitting at the desk he let him use for his art, his pencil had rolled off the desk and ended up on the floor. His head lay on his right arm, cheek smooshed, eyes closed in a quiet slumber.

It was getting quite late and it looks like sleep had caught up with him a bit earlier today, he couldn't stop a big dumb smile from appearing on his face. It was just so.. freaking adorable.  He'd softly step over to him, which was easy to do barefoot on a carpet, and picked up his pencil from the floor. He'd gently slink a bit under his seat and sat near the slipper-clad feet of the demon boy. Using the pencil, and use the dull tip to provide quick little prods to his bare heels, eliciting a cute jerk and flinch, slipping off his left slipper and gently putting a hand behind his toes to wrinkle his pale sole a bit, he'd pepper soft little pokes all along the foot. On his smooth heel, little arches and instep, the pads of his toes, and being sure to faintly poke each of his little birthmarks.   It didn't take long for him to hear Luci above him stirring, along with sleepy bubbly giggles. He'd put the pencil back on the desk, gently leaning close to his right ear... and blew a soft puff of air into it, relishing in the light squirming.   "I know my desk is pretty comfy, but you should try out the bed..~" He cooed into Luci's ear. As soon as he knew Luci was awake enough to not be startled by suddenly being relocated, he'd gently help the redhead stand and lead him over to his bed, where he then proceeded to flop onto it.   Mason chuckled as he saw Luci let out a big yawn and stretch, he was definitely ready for bed.  He got into bed with him and gently nuzzled up to him when he got under the covers. "You're so frikkin' cute." He playfully whispered.  Even though the time they've known each other hasn't been for long, Mason came to quickly learn that Luci was a genuine, kind soul, and a hard worker to boot. He sometimes worried the redhead was overworked, and neglected himself in order to help others.

It was comforting that he surrounded himself with good, kind, understanding people so that he knew how much value he had as a person, and if he was ever in doubt, they could remind him.   He couldn't help but feel a bit protective of Luci, he didn't want anyone to take advantage of him, or god forbid, do something to hurt him. But he also knew for a fact that Luci was strong, and he could see that strength when they hung out.   But still... friends worry about friends, and he wanted to do everything he could to make sure he'd stay safe and happy.   It wasn't long before Mason joined him in dreamland, the sound of Luci's little breaths easing his mind and body.   Nights like these were the best.

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