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This Slice Of Me
This Slice Of Me
Graphic and explicit erotic content from the point of view of a classy, professional woman whose vanilla life would never suggest the whore she is inside.
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This Slice Of Me

Exploring CNC 

A role play. Will need my best acting skills. Acting like I don’t want it will such a challenge. All I want is your cock.

In the bar of a hotel. Having a drink, chatting and flirting. Getting a little tipsy and and then being led upstairs. Giggly, tactile.. kissing… mouth and neck and then getting to the room and deep kissing just inside the door. I’m led to the bed and it feels a bit overwhelming so I step back and make my apologies.. go to leave.

You grab my hand and pull me to you. Your grip is firm, you pull my hand around your back so I’m pulled close to you and with your other hand you hold the back of my head and grip a fist full of my hair. You kiss me hard. I acquiesce.

You move me to the bed and I stumble down onto my back and you’re still on top of me but you’re still kissing me. I start to push back to try and get up but your body weight keeps me down. I try to speak but you kiss me harder.

I push your shoulders back but you forcefully take both my hands and grip them above my head on the bed. With your other hand you go straight for my cunt which shocks me. You push aside my knickers and finger fuck me hard. I struggle and thrash and say no, no stop, stop.. but you kiss me hard. After a short while you stop finger fucking me and you use that same hand to take my knickers off me even though I kick and twist as you do. You use them to gag me so I can’t speak. You shove them into my mouth. I’m begging you not to, but soon I can’t speak. You’re still gripping my hands above my head but now you take a scarf/tie/belt and tie my hands together - and also to the bed frame. I’m physically pushing back but you’re straddling me now - sitting on my chest so I can’t move.

I’m tied by my hands, I’m gagged. You go back between my legs with your fingers and fuck my cunt hard. I’m bucking and twisting to get you to stop. You slap my cunt hard and call me fucking dirty bitch. It makes me squirt. So you do it again. You smack my cunt over and over again, telling me I’m the dirtiest fucking slut you’ve ever known. Fucking filthy bitch slut. Over and over.

You want to fuck me but I’m squirming and squealing and so you stay where you are lying on my legs, keeping them wide apart. You take an object… a bottle, a cigar, or maybe a dildo or vibrator and you use that to fuck my cunt. You spit on my cunt and shove it in, over and over, and at times banging it against my clit. I keep cumming, even as I’m twisting and kicking and trying desperately to get you to stop.

You’re so hard now and you want to fuck me. I’m thrashing and kicking, so you push me over onto my front, hands still tied together above my head and tethered to the frame. You pull my hips and raise my arse and kneel on my legs so I can’t move. You smack my arse hard, again and again, harder when I struggle. When I’m red raw you rub my arse cheeks, and pull them apart. You lick and finger my arse hole at the same time as flicking and fingering my clit and again I’m cumming as I continue to fight and resist. To stop me you smack my arse cheeks and red raw cunt and tell me that I want it - that I’m the dirtiest, filthiest, bitch and cum slut ever and that I’m going to get fucked so hard I won’t be able to breathe.

Then you fuck me. The entry is fast and violent. You reach forward and grab my hair and pull it hard, yanking my head up. Your other hand is on my hip holding me still and forcing my arse up high as you fuck and fuck and fuck. It’s relentless and brutal. I try and try to twist and turn to stop you but your grip on me is tight. You keep fucking me, ramming your cock into my cunt, hard. Your balls smacking against my clit. You want to cum but you want me to take it in my mouth. The ultimate powerful act.

You take your cock out and flip me over onto my back. You move your whole body up on mine so your straddling my shoulders, pinning my arms down with your thighs. You remove the tie and gag and push your full length into my mouth. You don’t let me breathe. You force your cock deep into my mouth, your balls on my face and neck, your whole weight on my throat. I’m gagging and choking but you don’t stop until you’ve unloaded all that cum into my mouth and when you have you keep it in there and don’t remove it until I’ve swallowed it all.

My body is limp and weak. You stand back and look at me. My eyes are closed. My hands still tied. My mouth red and open, breathing hard, some cum trickling slowly down my face and onto my neck. I’m still dressed, but my skirt is around my waist and my cunt is red and raw. My legs quiver. My eyes open and I smile at you. A smile for the fuck of my life.

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  • Your own personal erotica. Written for you. Featuring you. And featuring anyone else you want - fictional or real. You give me an outline, I flesh it out with the most delicious and taboo words you can imagine. Let me bring your wildest fantasies to life through the power of words. It will be your personal erotica. Not shared with anyone else - unless you want it shared, of course.

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