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I make high quality 3D fetish animations
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Recent posts

A16a9681 c55a 4ba7 8289 638e841f9ab9 120x120 1x5 120x120

Little sneak peak of what I'm currently working on

A16a9681 c55a 4ba7 8289 638e841f9ab9 120x120 1x5 120x120

Bonus content from the Pink Abyss animation, hope you enjoy!

A16a9681 c55a 4ba7 8289 638e841f9ab9 120x120 1x5 120x120

It's done! After almost 5 weeks of rendering I can finally call this complete! I sincerely hope you enjoy the final product!

High quality MP4 files for archiving purposes (about 80 MB each) and the source blend files can be found here:

There are also other variants (no scat, no fart) that you can download.

This was the first project I did that really utilised the full 3D pipeline. In particular, each scene was animated in its own .blend file and all of the models were linked in externally. This way, when I change something on e.g. pinkie pie's model, the changes update in every scene automatically. I learned much about blender 2.79's quirks and hope this kind of workflow is improved in blender 2.80 (I heard it is).

This project was rendered in cycles and would not have been possible without the 40+ people who dedicated their computers to the 4299 frames. For me, seeing all of these people join forces and make something great is almost surreal and I cannot thank them enough. These people were:

TheComet ( Taloverae Psy Key ( Dio Rath Da’Krogan ( Ralem ( Kibernetik ( Hexado Busch Ceres Rose MantaPanther ( Nevermint ( Kit Black ( EvilScotsman12 Buck525 ( Radiomann01 Devon Rey Bike1 Fusroduh ManureBovine Yusufpaw (

And 10 anonymous people.

A16a9681 c55a 4ba7 8289 638e841f9ab9 120x120 1x5 120x120

Timelapse of today's stream!

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