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I am an ace gremllin (Call me Rae) who wants to make YOUR bits happy and satisfied!
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Social Phallicies
Good gods so I've been secretly hard at work on this project and I ahve a lot on my plate to accomplish! 

Including, I need to make myself a 10x10 space of some sort, probably a shed which is expensive! But that'd be my workshop! that or someone needs to lend me their garage where I can take up a wall or a corner or something! XD

But after that is honestly buying all the shop equipment I need.


They'll probably be a little cheaper than later models, I've got to get the funds to pick up some materials so I can get started.

Also I have some pictures to post of new models I sculpted, and ya'all missed out on a really fun stream where I actually worked on sculpts for people to follow! I intend on doing more when I get more of my clay.

Anywho - thats the update. Now here's the question

Who's interested in me doing another stream for ya'all to see me work and chat with?
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Social Phallicies
some proof of concept for ya'all!  This particular bad boy was a test, is currently not safe for bodily use but WILL be molded into the first model! Im really proud of how this came out.

And yes, there will be far more models, with far more 'diversity' in design. I'm an artist, I'm gonna get creative.  You'll have to subscribe to see the rest when I post them! This is gonna be the only public naughtiness you see for some time~~


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The honest, most difficult part of this, is getting everything I need to get started on doing more than just soft silicone molds. I want to do more, I want to provide you better quality toys! Which means I need better equipment to work with.
to reach
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I....need to build myself a workspace and I'm gonna start by trying to keep it fairly inexpensive but big enough to do what I need. HELP

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