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Shaydewulf.DarkArts profile
Art.FanArt.Adult.Anthro/Furry.Comics(New).Digital/Traditional Artist
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Hello and Thanks for visiting!💚
***Page contains nudity and sexual content***
**All Characters featured in my works are Adults**
*All fictional/Fantasy content*

Hello everyone!!! I’m very new here, I go by Howl or CJ and I am an Anthro/Furry artist. I am happy to have found another outlet to share anything I do in the NSFW department.  Works will consist of anything from pin-ups to sexual poses, to explicit content. And something else I’ve been wanting to do, blow up my Doberman gals. Lol. So they will be soon featured in comics, full stories will be exclusively found here. (Others will be made for public view as well.) I’m open to fanart requests as well, not too savvy at drawing humans yet(been working on it though) so anthro/furry art here for now. Aside from fanart I will only deal with original characters. If you have any questions, or wish to find or contact me on another media site here are a few, aside from that please be patient and gimme some set up time on this new account!!! Take care, will update more soon. 😉

💚Art/Characters ‘Valerie&Veronica’ are mine💚
⭐️Main Accounts(sfw)⭐️

Note: Links to NSFW pages can be found on my FA, and am currently in the process of making a journal on there specifically for information and contacts. Also getting commission info together. Comms currently closed, but trades are open.😊

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Red Tier

Subscription to Tier: Red will give you access to extra art/exclusive art. And the chance to win chibi or headshot art of your character. Flat color.

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Blue Tier

Subscription to Tier: Blue will give you access to extra art/exclusive art. And the chance to win full body or half body of your character. Flat color.

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per month
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Green Tier

Subscription to Tier: Green will give you access to extra art/exclusive art. Full comic/storyline art. And you also have the chance to win art of your character in full. -Lined,Colored,Shaded+Backgrounds(simple)

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