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Ryuugamine Ryuuto
Ryuugamine Ryuuto
Brazilian, 25 years old, currently trying to make a living of my art. I created this account in an attempt at having a consistent income to justify allocating more time to my illustrations.
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You'll be able to see new, exclusive erotic drawings not uploaded anywhere else! For a sample of the quality you can expect, check out my Pixiv account (

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Ryuugamine Ryuuto


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Ryuugamine Ryuuto
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In order to celebrate 100 followers on Pixiv, I have decided to make a 21:9 1440p wallpaper. This is a sketch of what's to come, hope you guys enjoy it.

The post will be available for supporters of the Densetsu Plan.
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Ryuugamine Ryuuto
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A friend from USA asked me to draw her two original characters in some weird, kinky lingerie she found online. Indeed, a belt bra with belt panties is sexy, but it can't be comfortable to wear XD
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Ryuugamine Ryuuto
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Hello, everyone, Ryuugamine Ryuuto here! The man behind the crossover manga "Densetsu Kousa " (Crossroads of Legends). I hope you are all enjoying the chapters released so far.

Unfortunately, due to life happening and me having to dedicate most of my time to a job (that I don't really want to do, but have to if I want to pay my bills), I cannot dedicate enough time to make a consistent release on Densetsu Kousa.

That's where SubscribeStar comes in! If I manage to make enough money to justify ditching my current job, I'll have plenty of time to continue making the manga! The goal is to make 15 pages per chapter, releasing 2 chapters per month!

I hope you can all enjoy my work. It took me a long time planning on how to start this series, (and how to end it too - it's all planned), so I hope I can manage to release chapters more often, but I won't be able to do that without your support.

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With this, I can make "Densetsu Kousa" a bimonthly release, each chapter consisting of 15 pages. 300 dollars is more or less equivalent to a minimum wage in my country, meaning I'll be able to justify allocating all my working hours towards illustration and manga.

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