Game Introduction

This free game”Unscientific Corruption Magic” is made by RPG Maker VX Ace.The game included corruption,parasite,body modification,mind control,latex elements.
I am the only one developer.

Twenty years ago, at midnight, the world was suddenly covered in white and silence. This vision continued for a period of about three seconds. At the end of the vision, unidentified creatures attacked human many place.
Fortunately, the range of activities of this dangerous creature is limited. People live normal lives outside the range, and the monsters hunt the living animals of the world's original in their living range.
Effie‧Priest,A fourth-grade university student.A week ago in the night,her sister did not return all night.With the help of a friend, she got the police monitor screen. Effie discovered her sister left the city and go to another city where is full of the criminals,exiles and mosters!
Now,Effie has finally arrive the city.She found all the monsters' habits changed without any warning. Many women were brutally raped by the mosters.This place is getting  dangerous,Effie decided to find her sister and leave immediately.