Howdy y’all! This is my first post here on Subscribestar, and I must say I’m quite excited to see where things will go here. 

I guess I should introduce myself briefly. 
My name is Rheannon, but most everyone calls me Weenie or Riri. I come from Texas, I love cats, and drawing sexy women in pretty lingerie. 
I’m not the best with introductions, so I guess I’ll leave it at that. 

It’s now officially September, and y’all know what that means...We start celebrating Halloween early! Weeee~! 
This girl was super fun to sketch and I think the little kittens scattered here and there are just too adorable. It adds a very sweet touch to such a sexy illustration I think. 

It’s very nice to have a platform I can post my art to without having to censor the daylight out of it. 
Drawing sexy ladies is my most favorite thing to do and it’s always so sad how other platforms don’t let artists express tasteful nudity in their art. 

Anyhow, I’ll keep y’all updated with how this drawing goes. (Updates to this drawing will only be available to my subscribers.) Thank y’all for being kind enough to check out my page and thank y’all folks who decide to subscribe, I very much appreciate it! 
Have a lovely day!