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The resolve to build the world we need
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Glow in the dark fungus

For lighting your way, at night. Make an offering to the Temple of the Goddess. Height clearance: Temple of God.*

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For those days when you’re home alone, on the couch and the cat is looking away for 5 minutes.

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The Fumoir

For those who like their conversations broad, intellectual and uncensored.

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Dress Circle

Back from the future



  • Access to my outrageous publications
  • Requests, projects, collaborations
  • Yearly meetings in Monaco, on my yacht. (disclaimer: no. not really.)

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*Suffering from lack of appropriately understanding vision on your high end mistranslation magnets? I can fix that. 

So what exactly am I offering here? In here, there is education, learning and entertainment, mostly at the same time. I am many different things. This is a temple of the Goddess. This is a wellspring of new thought and creative innovations. There really *are* some things, here, that you can’t find anywhere else. My temple clearance is as high as it gets, and therefore I can hold any of your constructions in the appropriate context, and help you with your balance sheets, with the goddess. If you are a warrior, in the service of god, there isn’t a script you have, that I can’t stamp, clear and bow to. I run courts on various intellectual and creative discourses, including philosophy, ethics, politics, and esoterics. I would like the people who come in here to be able to be themselves. It doesn’t matter *what* you talk about, with the right people, because everything that you create together, is gorgeous. 

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Irregular Periodical 
Jewels in the Crown

 Historical Compilations 
Requiem’s Blog Part 1 & 2.  
This is my entire reddit portfolio. All Queen of the Earth, all MandelaEffectReddit, all Belle Etoile [the rest].  
Queen Of The Earth Part 1 & 2 
Entire Queen Of The Earth subreddit 
MandelaEffect Part 1 & 2
Entire contents of MandelaEffectReddit subreddit

Belle Etoile Part 1 & 2
Entire comment history of all my reddit aliases, and most of the post history not related to the subreddits, above. 

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[1.0] If you are NOT mature of mind, DO NOT read my material. If you choose to so do anyway, even if you are immature of mind, then I place upon you the responsibility of the offense you take. If this occurs... YOU chose to read it, despite the warning. I am taking the care to put whatever restrictions I can, on this work. It is now up to you, to either respect these restrictions, or, to pay them no heed, and as such, any offenses [or other costs] which you incur as a result of accessing my work, is your own.  
If, despite these warnings, you choose to come into this place and do me (and yourself) harm, because you find my content “offensive”, even though I have stated that this will occur as a consequence of reading my work, and therefore, have taken reasonable steps to ensure your safety, then, YOU are liable for the harm caused to both yourself, and, to me.  

[1.1] It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to respect the maturity restrictions which I have placed upon this work in regards to how they, themselves, utilise it. If a subscriber disseminates this work; allows others to access it; without making the content warning clear, in regards to both age [physical age] and mental maturity [a separate entity to physical age], then they are responsible for the costs to themself, to the parties they would share it with, and, myself. 
[1.2] Although I have termed the restriction condition as “Mental Maturity”, nestled within that identity is the concept of Emotional Maturity. Mental maturity as I term it, is a state of both mental AND emotional maturity, but I shorten it, for utility, and I also assume that people Understand what I mean by it. If they do not, then they can read this clause. The Physical Age restriction is primary, in that the other restriction categories do not supersede it [eg. if someone is 17 and they are mature minded, the age restriction still applies]. Maturity of mind, and emotional understanding, is a condition which may be achieved by a person at 21, 35, 60, or never. The person themselves must assess their own maturity. Although this is a flaw, in such that it may be argued, that a person who is not mature in these ways cannot assess themselves, because it is self preclusive, these are the tools we have to work with. Freedom to express, is the core of invention, innovation and evolution of civilisation. The responsibility to heed warnings, clearly given, must be placed upon the individual, in that the system or operation which keeps us vital and growing must not be cut down to protect less mature punters from learning from their mistakes, if they make them.  

If you do not agree to these clauses, then do not subscribe to me on SubscribeStar.  
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Public post
You can find my current and continuing work here, at SubscribeStar.

I have decided to start placing my work behind a paywall. My work is too sensitive to leave around the public access rooms. The people who do decide to join SubscribeStar will, as a result, have an invested interest in myself and my work. They will also, most probably, have a vested interest in it, for how it can assist in their work, and, the work of US as a whole. It is better this way. 

The Account is held at “SubscribeStar Adult” [looks around at the neighbourhood... raises an eyebrow], and is 18+, because I consider that my work contains Adult Concepts. My work is substantially NSFW, for example, in regards to subject matter. It is also a reminder to people that yes, this work is controversial, and I’m talking about these subjects seriously and intellectually, or through comedy, and the arts. In an Adult way. For other Adults. I want to make a suggestion; that this material is only for people who have maturity of the mind.

I would have set my shop up right in Mayfair, if the pricing structure allowed it, but for now, it looks like it is above a brothel in Charing Cross. At night time, with a soft yellow glow from the gas lights, on the panes and frames. 

My shop is whatever I like. I will do whatever I like in it. Potions, Scripts, and I’ll give you a good dressing down, if you like. Perhaps you’d like to work on something, together. Perhaps you would like to hear my ideas about something you’re working on. Perhaps you have some ideas, you’d like to add to mine.

Find me on YouTube

Find me on Soundcloud

Find me on WordPress

Find me on Minds, but I don’t know what I’m doing with that atm. 

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