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Ss referral loop


You share unique links we give you. You get paid for every subscriber or joined Creator. Easy!


Promote the idea of joining amongst potential Subscribers and/or Creators - it’s up to you. Don’t be shy - the more users you attract, the better it pays off at the end.


Receive up to 50% off of what we earn on each and every new user who was referred by you and joined Rewards are flexible and negotiable.


Long-term customers, recurring payments, steady growth of the audience are the back bones of your business. We are here to help you to keep it all runing smoothly.


Making long things short - money. Cash is king. Don't you agree?

Below is an example of the case when you referred the Subscribers by sharing Creators pages on social media, in private message and whatnot. Referrer's compensation is based on sheer number of Subscribers and Subscription Fees they paid to monthly.

A value and a number of Subscribers you brought to
Subscription Fees
Price that Subscribers will pay monthly for the subscriptions.
Number of Subscribers
Total number of Susbcribers of this particular level that has been referred by Referral Associate.
Referrer's Compensation (20%)*
Commission paid to the Referral Associate by %{project_name}.
$6,200in the first month

After the first billing period, you will be paid 3% Referrer's Compensation for every recurring subscription charged to the Subscribers referred by you earlier. You will receive $930 monthly (based on the calculation above).

And this is what happens when you referred the Creators and they do join and make their existing followers and fans to subscribe to their page on So, the Referrer's Compensation is based on number of Creators and their "Creator powers" - number of joined Subscribers and Subscription Fees set by the Creator.

A value and a number of Creators you brought to
Total Subscribers
Number of Subscribers that this particular Creator will bring to
10100010 000
Subscription Fees
Price that Subscribers will pay for subscription to this particular Creator.
Referrer's Compensation (50%)**
Commission paid to the Referral Associate by
$2,752monthly for the first 5 months

After the 5th billing period, you will be paid Referrer's Compensation as much as 20% of what we earn on every Creator referred by you earlier. You will receive $550 monthly (based on the calculation above).

And just as a bonus ...

No restrictions

As a Referral Associate, you will be equipped with superior tools that will allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world.

No limits

There are no limitations on how much you can earn as a Referral Associate nor how much time you should spend on your business.

No hassle

No one will be looking over your shoulder - just a helping hand from to our Referral Associates should be expected.

No clutter

The business idea and process are very straightforward and supported by clearly written documentation and 24/7 support from

No boredom

By the nature of this business you have chance to connect with the most famous and fascinating individuals of our time - the Creators.

No commitments

As a Referral Associate you can start your business or put it on pause any time as you wish so you can enjoy your life!
* Your Referrer's Compensation per each referred Subscriber for one biling period can't be greater than $10.
** We reserve rights to proceed with paying out your Referrer's Compensations only after all related payments are verified against potential fraud and are not subject of potential/ongoing dispute, cancelation or a refund request.
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