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Rayxelm is creating Ethos of Darkness, an adult RPG
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New version 1.3.7 is now available for 5$ patrons and higher. The new released is focused on updating the combat system, which is now completely different. This version is not save compatible. Version 1.3.6 can be freely downloaded at

  • During fights, characters can suffer injuries to different parts of their body. These injuries will remain after combat. While bruises and small cracks can be heal by resting or sleeping, others will require medical attention.

  • New combat interface to help visualize and select where to hit. Attacks can now target an area, causing injuries there.

  • New combat stats: mobility, dexterity and awareness. Mobility and dexterity are based on the character's AGL, perks, restrains and injuries during combat. Awareness is based on injuries or restrains to the senses (blindfolds).

  • Three different types of hits: with weapon, punches (both dexterity based) and kicks (mobility based)

  • Combats can be lost by running out of stamina. Some hits expend more stamina than others (attempting a head-kick uses more than a kick to the groin).

  • Removed the Cuteness stat which had no use in game.

  • A character will be defeated when he can no longer move, fight or has lost consciousness. The health bar has been replaced. Strength and resilience, together with agility now set the chance to hurt/get hurt by opponents.

  • All characters including the player have now a chance to evade (AGL based) and block (STR based) a hit.

  • New fight related perks

  • Fixed a bug that left the player stuck in the first prison scene and another that could leave it stuck in the inn.

  • Fixed a bug that messes up after-combat the sex sequence when previously attacking during sex.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Ethos of Darkness now on subscribestar!

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