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Death and Tits!
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Ah so you've received a flyer from one of my Church goers, and now am lookin' online to change yer life. As a newbie to the Cult-Err, Church, you'll get the following!

Gratitude: -You get my thanks! And help keep the art going! -High res files! -See WIPs! -First place I post!

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Ah, so you've enjoyed the local cookout with my cronies-- I mean, Church goers...whew. And now, you've decided to get baptized anew in the Cult -- Church of Ranarchy. Yer following benefits as a Convert are bread, water, my Manifesto/our Bible and the following:

Convertion: -Everything a Follower gets! -CONVERT only Polls! -SubscribeStar Only Sketchbook!! -See Webcomics early! -CONVERT ONLY Pictures!

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  • Welcome to my SubscribeStar! Help keep the word of Death and Tits going!!! Hail! Hail!

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N3: Lord Dominator\Plus 3 Variants and the RAW files!

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