Okay, so vore fangames are the focus of this. I'm tying it into something else so I can cut loose with that, but the focus here is vore fangames. There are three I want to do, but I'm only describing one here.

First, is that Milia Wars inspired one. You will be playing as Jessie from Pokemon as a Seviper Naga, hypnotizing and devouring various pokeladies, ranging from gym leaders, the mothers, the female protags, and other notable females. I have a visual example of both the goal and Jessie plus the first two victims.

My gameplay loop idea is simple; you explore a beach, hypnotize ladies up to a maximum, ingest them, digest them (freeing room for more hypno'd ladies) until you have gotten them all or are bored. It would be a simple game. I'm thinking Misty and May for the tutorial, since they are very popular, and would be great 'introductions' to the gameplay loop.

I am also looking at a 'bonus gallery' that lets you loop specific victims, but you have to consume them in-game first before you can use the gallery.