[Public Rough] Our Apartment Build 15: First Public Build, and much much more!

Alright peeps sorry I've been super silent this month, as I said before thats not because I'm not doing anything thats because I'm doing too much!  So taking the hours it takes for me to type an update just didn't seem like a good use of my time with everything needed this month (client work and such). But regardless a post is due and better late than never. And a public release is due!

This public release will be kind of lowkey,  I'll explain more in a bit there's a lot to go over some of which I should have done earlier in the month but I was in the thick of it before i realized.

[Rough] Build Releases For Windows Will be Public For the coming months!

You've all heard the world wide news about the pandemic, and now days it seems customary to  just give shit out so people have something to do, and I know for some people money will be a problem. So from now until I feel otherwise MOST build releases will be public, at least for a couple months. I'll still be doing experimental builds, those will remain supporter only cause those are a mess and public rough builds are bad enough lol. 

Rough builds I'll keep public even though it might result in more work for me cause I get really really nit picky when it comes to public stuff. And I'm not even happy with this current build release, there's still so many possible issues. But I made a [self] promise and I plan to keep it, "build goes public this month no matter how I feel about it". So, expect these issues, and please don't give me too much of a hard time about them cause I feel bad enough. But do report issues to me on discord or wherever. 
All that said for now I'm keeping releases a kinda lowkey which is why it's only windows. I still want to meet certain goals before I do a broader public release so I'm sorry but please be patient if you're waiting on other platforms. Once I at least mostly reach those goals I'll do a slow roll out of Android and WebGL. And maybe test releases of OSX and Linux due to some issues with builds with burst compiler. 

Awesome so whats in Build 15?!

Alright so this build was mostly a polish build where I'm trying to better utilize all the stuff I implemented over the past months. To prove it's all what I intended. I still didn't do everything I wanted in this department cause of some mismanagement due to my limited time. So I couldn't get voice acting and some writing as soon as I could have. 

Also thanks to Kaitou for some help with some tools related to facial expressions, they're working on some other stuff too to help with dev but I'll talk about that when it's done!

Now lets see if I can remember everything...

  • Camera composition and post processing improvements to cowgirl and modified missionary scenes, returning post processing to some older scenes. For Missionary and CowGirl you now get multiple alternating camera angles based on the position. See more of Naomi with out having to control the camera! On camera is incorrect, I just remembered... ugh...Speaking of the missionary scene...
  • Missionary Scene now has proper dialogue and some extra scenery! VA is pending, I was rather late in getting her the script notes T_T. The scene also has Naomi change to various facial expressions! Also there's now sounds and moaning plus some other effects! 
  • Naomi's mouth now moves with moans and it's different per moan! This also blends with facial expressions! Also her eyes might wince with thrusts? I may have added that and forgot to actually implement it...so...FYI I've remade the build 3 times so far while typing this post. I'm...not checking this one...but it's going in my notes. If it's not there look for it next build.
  • Also related to audio there's now some more audio triggers to sex sim, and some incorrect sounds were fixed! Idle animations will mow have some subtle breathing that changes based on how aroused Naomi is!
  • Arm Socks Added! I hated to go this month without at least some kinda outfit addition. So I quickly added these and I'm quite fond of them! Their textures are based on the sock textures so you get a bunch of options! Oh side note the wolf outfit has been shuffled a bit for less jank.
  • Tutorial and "Coming Soon" Added! This is for new peeps. Some people expressed confusion in the past so I hope this helps a bit! Check the question mark on the main menu!
  • Player Name input now supported! This was implemented in the past but now there's a UI for it! It's not utilized much beyond subtitle names, but I'll be sure to include this in non-voiced dialogue. You'll find this in the settings!
  • Arousal now increases slower! Still not final but the pace should now feel less absurd. 
  • Sex sim has changed some of the test dialogue to actual dialogue based on some additional conditions. It's only a few for now but I commissioned a lot more! 
  • The Noise post process effect is now more subtle, dunno why it was tuned that high in the first place. 
  • While the snapping for the "Gropes" is still there for now, the snap should be less extreme due to the resting poses in the background being closer to the animation positions.  And if it breaks you'll get less terrifying results!

Possible issues

  • My primary focus this build was Dildo, Missionary, and Sex Sim I've so far ignored the other scenes but they will get attention very soon. I want to give some of them loops and stuff so they're more interesting for what they are. So if those scenes look jank for now thats why, sorry. 
  • There are some issues with 4K  display resolutions, use the UI slider in the settings to fix this. 
  • Click buttons too fast may result in the game breaking, i mitigated some of these issues but more may exist. 
  • There's an issue where I think the pull out animation won't play fast enough, I'll return to this issue soon. 
  • There may accidentally be some awkward facial expressions, Naomi's skinning on her lip is just not right.
  • Overall skinning for clothing has not be updated yet, I'll be back on outfits soon.
  • Probably a ton of other things I forgot about or didn't consider :/

Are you getting closer to working on The Couch?

Yes but I'll have to run a poll on an issue first relating to The Couch's story. In short, The Couch's original story was effectively around the ending of Our Apartment with the whole impregnation and other bits to it. At the time I did it cause Our Apartment was a much more far off concept so I figured it would be fine. 

But now I'm uncertain about that, so expect a poll on it soon.

I talk more about that later...

Are you Finally in "Content Focus" for Our Apartment?

I think so, or I'm going to try to be. As I've said before at this point i feel like the bigger features and functions i need i can't do myself. There's still things i can do, but thats building on existing stuff I made.

What i really want to do now is stretch the legs of all this stuff I've made and constructed to prove all the content that can be made with it. I'm constantly looking at outfits, positions, possible dialogue for Naomi, etc., I really want to try this stuff out so there's more to see. Normally i'm terrified of doing something then having to do it all over again. But after this month i feel the system works as i need it to. It's a lot of work to get it all in there, but it's all feasible. 

So if i can stop fixing everything, maybe content focus is where I am. At the very least maybe i can just work on some animations and other stuff and not look at the unity project for a little while. Then i can go back on an implementation binge instead of trying to do both.

Whats else is happening right now?

Well Marvelous Designer had a sale so i bought a year of that again, I haven't had MD since November last year, so this is good timing cause i can do some outfit stuff! I only got a month of MD9 last year and that had really good features Dx.

Also besides the VA lines for missionary I asked for a bunch of other stuff. I plan to have some dialogue not have voice acting but they will have verbal quips to enhance it a bit. I also asked for some new sex sounds and moans and such, kissing too. 

I have people working on programming stuff but I don't like talking about that stuff until it's complete or at least implemented to some degree. Just know the Outfit System needs to be reworked and the "Demo" needs it's systems for the proper game. 

From "Preview" to "Demo"

So far as you guys have seen build's are simply numbered by release not versions. Thats because right now the game is a mere scene viewer.  There's no actual end game for it's setup, nor is it setup like a game. 

Eventually that will change and we'll transition from the scene viewer to the actual game structure. From there we'll work toward a "demo", this is something I wanted sooner but I'd rather pace myself than rush it. The systems are in progress and one way or another they will be done. 

I may take a break on making a big push to get the demo done, or at the very least, I'll get it done mostly with third party help so I can focus on content stuff for a while. I gotta learn to off load more :/.


I'm at that usual point where i feel like I'm forgetting something so i just sit here for too long. Except this time I fell asleep.

So thats all for now, expect more posts soon and polls and such. 

Thanks for your support!