Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 07

Honestly homies, the world is a weird fuggin place...

Right now my team and I are separated, the covid19 is slowing down production as everyone adjusts to the new style of work, makes sure their safe and sound in their homes. What a time to be alive.

Our schedule put Pieces of my Heart having another build ready for you last week but the reality of the world has come crashing down since then. Instead, we have more to show from the foreplay mode.

Specifically how all the animations chain together, how the emotions on your date are visualized.
Olivia reacts to what she likes best, what she hates, and what she is just okay with. Her face paints a picture that should guide you to achieving her arousal allowing progression to the sex gameplay.

In terms of the hand color, right now we are considering a few options like having the player decide on the skin tone and such via the options menu, or if the ghostly white works best as a neutral option.

Anyways be sure to download the high-quality video in the attachments and wash ya fingers!

Stay safe friends!