Series by Tiers

** Tease and Up **
Daddy Loves Hypnosis Series
These dads have gotten their hands on hypnosis techniques that is making their daughters crave some special daddy-daughter bonding.

Daddy Loves Sleep Sex Series
These dads have been tempted and now that their virgin daughters are asleep they are going to take advantage.

** ForePlay and Up **
Big Game Day Pussy Mini-Series
It’s the biggest football game of the season! These dads, brothers, and uncles are celebrating with hypnotized pussy that’s eager to put out.

Breaking In His Sister Serial
A serial that follows Devin, the owner of a powerful aphrodisiac, and his plan to turn his sister into the perfect sex slave.

Brother Loves Banging Idiot Sister Series
Hard-pounding, sister-tricking incest stories in one bundle. It’s an older brother’s job to test his sister’s gullibility and get as much sex as he can in the process.

Brother Loves Sleep Sex Series
Stories of older brothers who have no issues slipping their little sisters the big D while they are sleeping.

Daddy Loves Halloween Sluts Mini-Series
Daddy-daughter incest loving with a paranormal Halloween twist.

Daddy Loves Taking Advantage Series
These fathers see an opportunity for sex with their daughters and they don’t let it pass them by.

Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis Series (Part One)
Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis Series (Part Two)
Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis Series (Part Three)
Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis Series (Part Four)
These fathers are back at it again, using hypnosis to get with their horny daughters.

Daddy’s Anal Princess Series
Daddy is using any and all means possible to ensure he gets all the ass he wants when he wants, and his little princess will love giving it to him.

Daddy's Lockdown Cum Slut Series
The world is on lockdown, and these fathers are taking full advantage of the situation to get all the incest sex they want.

Fucked by a Halloween Curse Series
It’s Halloween and these girls have been cursed to be horny for nothing but hot incestuous sex.

Gaping His Anal Slut Daughter Serial
She told Dad anal doesn’t count, and he’s making her own that by bending her over and training her to be his perfect anal slut.

Going for Gold Mini-Serial
Four mind-controlled daughters are competing in a sexual version of the summer games while the Internet pays to watch.

Gullible Slut Daughter Serial
A serial story of how Daddy trained his gullible daughter to become his perfect fuck toy.

Mommy Loves Hypnosis Too Series
Mommy can and will have fun with hypnosis too. Everyone in the family is fair game for her sexual fun.

New Year’s Incest Party Mini-Series
It’s New Year’s and these party-goers are using the festivities, along with some other other things, to get as much incestuous sex as they want.

Resolving to Have Incest Mini-Series
These three families are taking the “new year, new me” motto to a whole new incestuous level.

Santa’s Naughty Incest Erotica List Mini-Series
Families that are definitely on Santa's Naughty List, but that just means they'll be enjoying their Christmas to the fullest.

Slutty Mrs. Claus Wants Incest Mini-Series
Enchanted Mrs. Claus outfits are making the rounds, turning the wearers into incest-hungry sluts who want to be satisfied.

Too Drunk to Care Series
These girls are too drunk to realize their having the best sex of their lives… with a close family member.

** S.E.X **
Double Features Mini-Series: Krampus
Krampus used the naughty list to pass out hard-pounding incest as a punishment, but it didn’t end there.

Hypno-Harem Granddaughters (A Smut Novella)
Grandpa used a long con to snare one granddaughter with his sexual hypnosis, and then used her to get the others.

Hypno-Incest & Teddy Bear Gangbang (A Smut Novella)
He caught her using her teddy bear for pleasure and then used hypnosis to take the teddy bear’s place.

Hypnosis + Condoms = Sister Incest (A Smut Novella)
A mind control app will convince his sister that condoms make incest totally okay, even if he's not really using one.

Spy Cameras, Sleep Sex, and a Horny Sister (A Smut Novella)
Spy cameras in his sister's room caught Dad creeping on her and gave him access to the hypnosis Dad used to make it happen.

Sister’s Naughty Riding Hobby (A Smut Novella)
A sex tape, aphrodisiac oil, and some blackmail is the best way to get his horny sister to put out.

Thanksgiving Incest Gangbang Mini-Series
This year these families are thankful for the kind of hard-pounding fun everyone around the table is sure to enjoy.

Thanksgiving Uncle: Double Features Mini-Series
These uncles put their nieces under mind control before the holiday and then had even more fun while at the dinner table.