Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 06

Good tidings Kinksters!

Welcome to another Snap Shot for Pieces of my Heart! We have been working diligently on getting ready the next release for the game here on Patreon but I wanted to make sure all the basic mechanics are in place for the game. These include:

  • Puzzle mechanics time scoring
  • Messaging visual novel elements (more on that later)
  • Cum shooting mechanics (more to cum on that hehe)
  • Foreplay mode - the topic of today's Snap Shot!

Foreplay mode, we all know what foreplay is right? If not here is the definition from the urban dictionary...
While 90% of all males forget it, in Pieces of my Heart it's the first step to getting ya end wet. Lemmy explain.

After progressing enough through the puzzle sections of the game the player will come to the "slut mode" section of the "cute mode/slut mode" fetish, we are working with. Before the player can use the sex animations for each date they need to prepare their companion for penetration.

At this point, the player can interact with various spots on the character including Vagina, Anus, Breasts, Legs, Feet, Arms, and Mouth. Each of the dates will have zones they like, love and hate, it is up to the player to find what works for each girl. We represent this with several expressions for each date, so pay attention to your lady friend to see what she likes!
Once aroused enough the date will tell the player they are ready for more, allowing for dingdong in vagoo action!

This feature and many others should be ready to show off very soon! Stay tuned for that!