Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 05

Waddup little duders!

Pieces of my Heart is coming together like a good jigsaw. We are working on the build to contain all the alpha UI elements, with that our work has begun on replacing the basic programmer art. This is the focus for today's Snap Shot!
The major element of PomH that needs focus is the fake dating app we created called "Titter" from the tit bird, and cos... you know... boobs. For that we needed it to work like Tinder does, swiping left and right to choose your dates and the play button to get into the thick of things
Some designs allow the player to understand that, some don't. It is the reason we get some many iterations on the basic main menu in the first place. So all these concerns from player understanding can be massaged out of the final design.
The last part I wanted to show you today was how we will be deepening the dating experience. It is the year 2020 of our lord (sonic the hedgehog) and dating for the most part takes place not in a face to face setting, but behind an app, specifically the messaging portion.

Right now, as you're playing the puzzles you will have an opportunity to converse with the date via the Titter application, you will have some chances to respond but the date will likely tell you a little bit about her, the second puzzle the talk will be far more steamy as well.

For now this is what we are working with, the rest of the UI elements will also have sound effects and such, that we will detail later.

Stay hard friendos!