Expose Knight - Snap Shot 03

Happy Monday Kinklings!

I hope your weekend was fantastic and your Valentine's day ultra sexy! Today we have more to show for Expose Knight! Currently, we have finished our first test poses for the game, ready for rigging and ready for animation loops.

As you could probably guess, the first warrior region the game will focus on is Feudal Japan, the land of the Ronin, the Samurai, and the Ninja! While not 100% historically accurate having ladies live the warrior life, our head cannon makes that whole time period far sexier.

First the face. We had a couple of choices when it came to what direction we wanted to go in.
Realistic or goofy ass'ed anime? Naturally, we chose realistic... The art style is more suited to it and honestly, I am not sure anime is really the direction we wanted to move in.

If you cannot recall from our previous posts about Expose Knight, your goal is to cut the clothing from these Warriors and expose their bodies to find the hidden gem or their weak spot. But it isn't as simple as swinging a sword and the panties drop, oh no! We have armor!
Ladies clad in a hard protective layer, capable of reflecting attacks from our player. Hitting these fortified locations will simply bounce your attacks right off, leaving them no worse for wear. To make the game fun and fair most of the ladies will not have a full complement of armor, meaning your attacks will need to weave between armored locations to cut the soft clothing underneath. However, if you want to brute force your way through, you can eventually break the armor with repeated attacks.
And with that, we draw to a close our Snap Shot post! However, we have one more surprise for our VIP supporters ($10 or up) we have a super high-res pin-up ready to feast upon available as well. Be sure to snap that up!

Remember to always swallow!