Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 04

Swiggdy swooty, ya'll be thirsty for that booty!

So thirsty that we have grown quite a bit since our last post on Friday for the weekly kink. So lets moisten up those fingers and go a little deeper! Today we are talking about foreplay bitches!

Foreplay, is the very intimate act of teasing and arousing your partner, mostly its used to prepare them for penetration and in a whole lot of cases it can be very enjoyable for both parties. To expand our sexual content offerings we want to add in a foreplay mode, before you can dive balls deep into your date you'll need to reciprocate.

To do this we have enlisted the help of another artist to build our UI elements that are very much missing and the floating interaction hands that will replace our cursor.
These hands will work on static points along our girl model, when the player chooses to interact with the point the hand will animate. Each girl will enjoy particular interactions and some will hate them. Our basic points of interaction include vagina, anus, mouth, breasts, legs/arms, and some light spanking.
Once the girl is ready for the dickens, she will verbally tell the player to go all in and our intercourse mechanics will begin.

Hopefully this has been enlightening and gave you enough reason to trim your fingernails.

Stay moist kinklings!