Expose Knight - Snap Shot 02

Happy Monday ya'll, welcome to another Expose Knight Snap Shot.

Continuing on from our last post, we have worked on a few more pose examples we can share. The first is for our attacking pose.
This is our first attempt at the design, but it appears to be to much in motion or the swings of the attack are already happening, this is more suitable for the actual attack pose but due to how we are building the game those animations will be built off the "ready to attack" pose instead.
So now we come to the actual attacking poses we are likely to go with, these can be used in both motion and as a "wind-up" or "ready to strike/attack" pose, we want the player to be ready to counter attack himself, so they look quite threatening!
This quick sketch is more around the "defeated" poses, this will be the position the warrior will take once you've destroyed the mind controlling jewelry found on her body, from here she will move into the "reward" pose which will be her playing with herself, showing her anus/vagina/boobs in a highly sexual manner. To "reward" the player for freeing her.
Finally for today I wanted to share our coloured examples for the game, this is likely what the full art will become in the game, this region is inspired by Asia/Japan for the Ninja clan of warriors. So expect a whole lot of tights and thongs!

Hope you enjoyed our expose on Expose Knight! We will have lots to share very soon!

Stay slippery everyone!