Expose Knight - Snap Shot 01

Howdy Kinksters, we have a brand new game to discuss today! Before we can get started here is what you need to know to get to grips with what we are building. 

In the world of Expose Knight you take on the role of a gentlemen knight who has vowed to do no harm to women, however when an evil force takes over the minds and bodies of the worlds more lethal female warriors that makes his task much harder.

Defend yourself while damaging the clothing of your opponents to locate the main control rubies hidden somewhere on their bodies. Parry and strike with precision and grace, exposing their weakness's - among other things...

Fight your way through the hordes of women to face off against the clans leader, defeat her in battle and the reward will be yours...
Cool idea huh? Originally the idea was to make the act of cutting off clothing 1-to-1, meaning any location you slash with your sword, would cut that location on the warrior. It lead to some very complicated mechanics, things like how would the garment look on other poses, how should gravity effect the clothing, etc etc. Making something more complicated would naturally take more time then we can allow, so we will save it for the sequel.

The mechanic we will discuss today is our art pipeline. Basically unlike Pieces of my Heart which is for the most part, POV. Expose Knight will require more traditional game like movements from our female warriors, to do this we are experimenting with a style we have coined 3/4. This means drawing the warriors to face a particular direction, while keeping a particular perspective.
This allows us in spine to do some really neato effects, for example this 3d effect is only possible due to how we will be rigging the 2d art, the middle of which is less the center of the picture, but the center of perspective.
Most importantly, that one image (once completed and drawn correctly) will allow us to cover a whole lot of positions and poses from one base image.
That about covers our experiments with the style of drawing for the time being, we will likely have more to report on how the clothing removing will work once we have a basic working prototype of the system in place.

For now I hope you enjoyed the first look!

Stay classy Kinksters!