Trials of the Succubus - Snap Shot 03

Happy Monday little kinksters!

Fully recovered and ready to mingle, we are back doing more Snap Shot posts right here (hopefully no more problems going forward)! Today we are talking about Trials of the Succubus again, this time we are discussion the evolution and AI building for our big boss beauties.

You might have seen a few of our earlier gifs, specifically the boss battle that simply had green orbs flying around willy-nilly. Those were simple arrays we put in place to see if the idea had any merit, turns out things that are not identifiable by the player ie attack patterns do not make a good encounter.

Our solution is guessed movement and minimum distance calculations, this way the player should never be surprised as to the location of projectiles. This is calculated quite simply but all done on the fly.
Each shot the boss wishes to make the first thing that is identified is the location of the player, and the distance to the NPC. Once she has that information she decides if she wishes to move - the green squares are her movement range, and the bright green dot is the node she selected as her destination. As long as the player remains a particular distance from her she will continue to shoot her attacks.

It is a simple solution to the issue of movement and attack choice, all that is left is to build her attacks up. The goal for our design here is to make the player have a choice on how they wish to deal with attacks. To do this, each attack must be dodge-able or destroy-able. The array needs to work in a way that allows players with more distance from the shooter to be able to weave between projectiles.
Though sometimes our experiments lead to happy accidents...
The end result in my opinion looks really solid, the next steps is to build up our bosses to have phases and be able to ramp the difficulty of battles. First encounters should be quite simple to defeat, but later battles should scale.
We will have a whole lot more to show very soon, we are building everything to get to the first playable alpha very soon. Please get excited for that!

Be sure to download the high quality video linked as a attachment below!

Stay wet my friends!