Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 03

Hello my little kinksters! Welcome to another snap shot for PomH!

First I need to apologise for the absence of content here on the Snap Shot feed, after Monday afternoon I came down with a debilitating fever that left me weak as a new born baby. A frustrating experience to say the least. One doctors visit and a million pillz later I am on the road to recovery and can start posting a few more snap shots again!

In today's post I wanted to talk about the logo evolution we underwent for the game, originally we rushed our logo design for the game so we could meet some lofty expectation I had set for our presentation on Patreon which ultimately forced us to go back to the drawing board.

The concept of the logo needed to highlight two important factors for us, the first was the games attitude, this game was designed to focus around uncomplicated sexual relationships from a dating application, meaning our logo had to reflect that. That answer was to make it bubbly, round and bursting with joy. 

The next important factor was the symbols that needed to be included, in this case the heart icon and the puzzle piece icon. Without either of these players who (for whatever reason) do not reason the description of the game won't be surprised when its a jigsaw puzzle game, also that it contains hardcore and often public sexual encounters.

So yes, we over think our designs, but the end results have exceeded our expectations.

Along with making a full logo we also needed to create a game icon, and the same rules that we applied to the full logo, we applied to the icon image as well.

The colours all work together nicely and the end result is something that pops to life! The final part was the shading on the images, to give it the "juicy" look we needed.

Anyways that is basically it, I hope you all enjoyed this odd little tangent today, its not really something we talked about a lot in game design but a logo is the first impression most gamers have with your product, it needs to speak volumes.

Stay classy!