Pieces of my Heart - Snap Shot 01

So let's chat about our game Pieces of my Heart.

From the get-go we wanted the first couple of games in the Kinky Fridays library to be on the simpler side, the first idea that we had was a jigsaw puzzle game. We worked the idea around and decided on a date format to structure intimacy scenes around and the game idea naturally fell into place.

A brief overview of the game and what it looks like on paper, the format goes like this.

1. Select your date from your phone
2. Select the puzzle difficulty
3. Do a puzzle
4. Have your first encounter animation with your date (non sexual)
5. Do another puzzle
6. Have your second encounter animation with your date (hardcore sexual)
7. Return to menu and pick another date

PomH has progressed quickly due to how simple the mechanics are within the game but its only allowed us to make amazing quality of life changes to the product. The one I will talk about today is our interactions within animation scenes. But a quick rundown on the art pipeline is needed before we can dive too deep.

First our artist draws the girl, he then slices up the layers into pieces appropriate for animation.

After it is all cut up it is taken into Spine which allows us to attach a skeleton to the images in question. From here you can animate the images however you like, but because Spine works wonderfully with Unity it allows for IK interactions with the skeleton.

And the final result in unity is just magical. We are quite proud of the interactions available and we hope you enjoy the extra intimacy from your dates when you get to play the first build! 

Check the attachment for a full uncensored high resolution download!