Dev Update #29

I couldn't work on the game this weekend, as a consequence, I couldn't advance as much as I wanted.

I changed the order of the scenes. I said in my last update that scene 15 was supposed to be Eve Love scene but it's finally Cassie Dom scene.

So, scene 15 is fully written, and I'm halfway done with the posing and rendering. I hope to finish the posing tomorrow. It's a big scene with several possibilities and different outcomes. It's 3000 words long. I hope you'll like it.

I started writing scene 16. And this time, it's really Eve Love scene.

I was supposed to prepare a few scenes to send to my favorite proofreader but I finally decide to fully code them. As a consequence, scenes 1 to 3 are fully coded and have already undergone proofreading. I hope to be able to code up to scene 6 or 7 this week. Scene 4 is coded but I didn't send it to my proofreader yet.

For v0.5 I'll probably change my workflow and go back to coding scenes immediately after I've written them, so I can send it to proofreading earlier in the development process.

As of now, Day 4 is 33 500 words long and 325 renders. If I continue writing this much, Day 4 may end being as large, writing-wise, as the whole game in V0.3.5.

Here are my objectives for the next 7 days :
  • Complete posing of Scene 15.
  • Write and pose scene 16.
  • At least, write Scene 17.
  • Code scene 5 and 6 before this weekend, 7 and 8, maybe 9 before next Wednesday.

Thank you for your interest and your support!