Madlibs 8 and New Annoucement

You had chosen: In a world where there are no more human males and physical contact with cum makes girls orgasm non-stop for an hour, an Eager Beaver girlscout with braces whom everybody likes to torment will become an exhibit at the next field trip.

Thanks again Big Moose for making this possible.

And now for the announcement.

After almost two weeks of limiting my writing to mostly Daily Flash Fictions, I realized... this is fine. Doing those mini-stories everyday was always my favorite part and I can get easily get them done on my phone at work or hiding in the bathroom.

They are not for everyone I'm sure, but if you're willing to give it a try for a greatly reduced price (5$ instead of 20$), I'm willing to keep the Subscribestar running on Daily Flash Fiction.

The site will be unpaused shortly.

Thank you!