Dev Update #28

Scene 13 and 14 are written, posed and mostly rendered.

I'm not completely happy with some renders (specifically close ups) where the skins of the characters don't look really good. I tried a lot of things to correct that but couldn't get any satisfying results.
I could probably solve the problem by rebuilding the skins of the characters from scratch but they'll probably wouldn't look like themselves anymore.

Scenes 13 and 14 are two versions of Cassie "love" scene. You'll have choices to make and probably consequences to face later.

I'm currently working on writing and posing scene 15, which is Eve "love" path scene. 

I'm also preparing the script of the first 14 scenes for proofreading. It should be ready by this weekend.

Day 4 content is now more than 30k words long and contains 310 renders.
For the sake of comparison, the whole 0.3.5 is 46k words.

Remains 5 scenes to be done :
  • Scene 15: Eve "love" scene.
  • Scene 16: Eve "sub" scene.
  • Scene 17: Cassie "dom" scene.
  • Scene 18 & 19: "asshole" path scenes.

Thank you for your support!