The Daze News!

Here's what's going on: We're looking at big activity over the next two to three months! We've brought on a bunch of coders to help us finish Hypnolab. Meanwhile we're also working on the Bonus Day free DLC for Snow Daze. 

On the Hypnolab front, we're working on several new locations you can teleport to by using hypnosis objects on yourself! You can see some of them in the new trailer we just posted on youtube. 

On the Snow Daze front, we're revamping a bunch of the art! We're reworking character portraits, touching up the original art for consistency and quality, adding a new bonus menu, and we're going to be adding an ENTIRE new day to the game post harem ending that will lead into Tropical Daze! This entire DLC will be released for free to those who already own the game. Yes, subscribers with access to the game will get it too!

Thank you all for supporting us so far in this transition. You keep us running!