I'm Paddock, and I have many tag lines. I am a FatGay™ individual who makes N/SFW multifandom and OC-centric content. I am most known for exploring themes of dubcon, size difference and teratophilia. I am no stranger to exploring many different topics in fiction and I will do my best to tag accordingly.

Why SubscribeStar?

SubscribeStar is a lot like Patreon, but outclasses the latter platform by being completely NSFW friendly. I've had to move a lot as an NSFW artist, looking for a home I could archive and save my art without fear of it being pushed off the platform. That means a lot of Art not hosted anywhere else will now be here!

Content will be posted here with a Google-Drive Archive link to the bulk of content. Please feel free to support as long as you can or not! But if you DO enjoy the work here, feel free to throw a tip my way using Ko-Fi or Paypal.Me if you don't wish to make a Subscribestar account.

All characters depicted are 18+. I hope you enjoy your time.

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