Hey there! I'm Paddock, and I have many tag lines. The most notable being that I draw Fat folks getting it on. I am a fat individual who happens to be gay, and I make art in the SFW and NSFW variety. I'm most known for my dubcon/noncon/size difference/teratophilia content. I am no stranger to Dark Kink/Taboo's/"Problematic" topics in fiction and I will do my best to tag accordingly and answer questions if any arise. I am a messy bitch first who lives fast and and eats ass for myself only, if you want a ride I am more than accomodating.

This move to Subscribe Star is purely for me to Archive all of my nsfw content in a safe enviroment for all those who wish to view all my current and past works. Or.. as much as I can find. I will continue to post my content on sites like Twitter, Tumblr (tbd) and FA until I feel like it is no longer a good fit for myself.

Most of the content will be posted in bulk or in Art Books. Content will be given tags at the start since Subscribe star doesn't have a tag tier you can browse through. I will try to include context for the content I post because a lot of the art I have is either short-form comics that are REALLY rough to read, or they are responses to Asks via Circa Tumblr 2011 style.

In the future I may do things like Giveaways, animatic projects, or polls to build-up my portfolio! Please feel free to support as long as you can, or not. It is all up to you! Every bit helps, but I don't expect to be extremely strick with this archive so if you pay the 1$ and go, I ain't gonna hold it against you haha. I hope you enjoy :)

Here's a Directory of Tags so far:

  • General: #oldart #sfw #artbook #ocs #dickegg #memes

  • Fandom/Community: #warframe #smite #spidersona #superhero #undertale #RPF #RTAH #markiplier

  • TW Tags: #teratophilia #oviposition #bugs #dubcon #noncon #blood #knifeplay #gore #agegap #somnophilia