Since the last update I've mostly been doing polish, bug fixes, and code refactoring.  Some things such as...

* Adding a squishy liquid noise.  
* Added  basic saliva, cum, tears effect.  
* Fixed the random twitch bug for my jiggle system.  This was caused by an issue with the game engine which was not documented as well as other issues with the matrix equations I was using but with enough experimentation I was able to get something working the bugs.  
* Changed the style and how the game-play gui buttons work.  Besides the visual improvement, with this system I'll be able to create buttons much easier in the future.  
* Improved all of the character textures, with very subtle improvements such as slightly more simulated blood pumping to the chest and butt, spinal coord density simulated for subsurface scattering, less pronounced transition between areas for subsurface scattering (smoother cleaner overall feel).  These improvements aren't consciously noticeable (at least I don't think) but overall add to believable looking skin.
* Further improvements in mesh topology and shape for slightly better lighting on some areas of the body.  I always keep improving this.
* Working on developing a number of possible story ideas for my next game.  While ZenLA will be a fun little game, the main purpose of it is a test-bed for me to develop the characters and systems that I'll need for future more ambitious projects (with more story).  Planning out what those projects might be, helps me know what systems I could work on in ZenLA that I will be able to later use when I'm building my next project (which I am again building towards).   I am leaning towards a kind of supernatural spooky kind of story with lots of sex of course and player conversational choices.  But I may also do one of my more zany crazy sci-fi ideas.