Updated Shirt Lift Animation

Some things I've accomplished since the last update:
  • Cleaned up Skin, Smoother/More Anime Feeling
  • Minor mesh improvements - bone, fingers, etc.
  • New Character Editor Slider - "Ears Out".  The art style I'm going for is a blend between western and eastern animation.
  • Created shirt lift animation for the Guru lifting his/her own shirt, and refined the other shirt lift animations.  Because the characters can be male or female and many different shapes and sizes, I had to do my best to design the animations that would be 'good enough' for all characters, although not perfect.  I try to tell myself Perfection is the enemy of done, and I often get side tracked polishing things, such as the time I spent a day on the light switch and wall-outlets, getting them down to 10 polygons each for speed and going so far as to ensure even the screws were normal mapped with ambient occlusion, which is not super noticeable in game.
  • I'm starting to redesign the underlying animation/state/transition system to take advantage of Godot's (game engine I'm using) built in system, which is greatly reducing code clutter which will make it easier to move forward.