Written in 2013 on FA while I briefly went under the username "LionEggs," and it can be found re-posted on my current NSFW FA and on Dreamwidth.

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Easy Money

"Alright sweetie, ready to get started?" the director asked, smiling coyly at the young dragoness standing pensively before him.
"I suppose. I'd really just like to get this over with so I can get my pay and leave," she sighed.

Dasha was normally a shy, soft spoken young woman who avoided people and could appear antisocial at times. Being pushed into this situation made her a bit dizzy, but after what she'd been through the past year, the dragoness knew this opportunity to make quick cash was to good to miss.
Her red, black, and white scales shimmered vaguely beneath the bright spotlights being used to illuminate every part of the little stage. It was adorned in white fabric, from the floor to the curtain hiding the back-stage crew. In all actuality, it was quite nice looking.

Dasha's black wings flexed uneasily as a machine was placed to the side of said stage, just out of view of the camera. Only the tube would be in the shot, and her, of course. Yellow eyes narrowed slightly. If she didn't need the money so bad, she'd have torched these sick losers and left. But she did need the money, so she didn't go through with her little fantasy.
"Step up on stage, dear," the director ordered, pointing. "Then get on your knees and face the machine, understand?" that damn fox spoke to her as if she were an idiot. She was pretty sure he only did it because he knew it bugged her, and because he knew he could. He knew she couldn't afford to bail out now.

The dragoness scowled inwardly as she did what she was told. When she was in position, the director continued speaking.
"When we start rolling, pick the tube up and hold it in your mouth. The machine'll start a few seconds after you do. Don't let go of it until it stops, or we'll have to do this again," he smiled. Dasha threw him the least amused look she'd ever used, but gave a curt nod in understanding. "And, action!"

Doing as she'd been told, Dasha slowly picked up the tube, placing it in her mouth and quickly making sure she had a firm hold on it. She wondered for a moment if the cream bikini she wore would snap after this. The thought vanished as soon as she heard a click, the tell-tale sign that the machine had started and she'd better be ready.

A few seconds later, a familiar liquid gushed through the tube and into her mouth. Warm, creamy milk was all it was, but Dasha had the suspicion the director had intended for it to look like something else. She tried not to gag at the sickening thought. Instead, she focused on not choking and the feeling of slowly having her stomach filled with the liquid.

Now, in retrospect, there were probably other things she could have done to get the cash she needed. One of the girls she went to college with suggested stripping, but the thought of having all those grubby claws, paws, and feathers reaching for her at all times made her queasy. At least this was a private setting for a private video. Legally, if it got out, she could sue the director for every penny he had; and being a director of, say, 'lesser known' things, he had made quite a few pennies.
She was full now, her stomach slightly bloated from the amount of milk she'd been forced to ingest. That didn't matter, though. The machine continued to pump liquid down her throat and into her now steadily growing belly. How exactly had she gotten to this point in life?
Oh, yeah. Her own brother screwed her out of house and home. Recently, their uncle- and only living relative- had passed away. He'd been a rich golden dragon who valued his things despite having a lot of them. In his will, he'd made it clear that his money and goods be given to his only living relatives of his brothers side; Dasha and her brother.

However, ink had mysteriously been spilled on the original will document, blocking out a crucial part of the will; namely, what goes where, and how it was divided up. Her brother, at twenty-seven, was six years older than her and studying law. He'd been able to get some friends and use his own knowledge to get most of their uncles items and money to himself.
Dasha's belly was starting to balloon out now, extending roughly three inches out from its normal flat tone.
Ducan, her brother, had not been raised with her. They had both been adopted into separate homes when they were little, but were well aware of each other. Rather than being good sports and staying in contact, however, Ducan envied Dasha to the point of hatred towards her. She was raised with a 'happy family' setting, with two cougar parents and their two twin boys who were only just younger than she was.

Her brother, on the other hand, was raised by a crocodile in the inner city. Sure, the croc was a good guy and all, but he was messy and fickle, while Ducan was organized and intelligent. In truth, Dasha could completely understand why her brother despised her so. She'd feel bad for him if he wasn't such a prick.
Six inches. Seven. Eight, and finally, the machine clicked and stopped. Dasha pulled the tube out of her mouth slowly, setting it on the ground. The dragoness groaned, resting her hands on her swollen belly, suppressing a somewhat painful gas bubble from escaping her maw. Swallowing hard, she turned to look at the director.
"Very nice!" he chimed just after the camera men ceased rolling. "Now waddle yourself over here for a little photo shoot while we wait for part two."
Dasha groaned again, this time, in humiliation.


It had to have been at least two hours after the filming. Though trying not to show it, the dragoness was becoming more and more uncomfortable. This was due to the growing pressure in her lower abdomen and groin. She carefully set a hand on her bulging lower stomach, trying not to add to much pressure.

"How are you feeling?" the director asked, looking down at her belly rather than directly at her. "Almost time?" Dasha let out a long sigh, twitching slightly at the growing pressure. "Head back to the stage now. I think we have a bit longer to wait, but I want you in position before you can't move at all."

The dragoness followed his instructions, wincing as she stood up. She had to take a moment to press her legs tightly together due to the swift motion. When she recovered, she made her way to the stage as casually as possible, getting back on her knees and facing with her back to the camera.
"We'll start rolling when you get really desperate," the fox chuckled. "The only thing I specifically want from you is to stay in that general position, and hold for as long as possible. If you think you can't go any longer, go longer anyways." Dasha scowled at the fox, but was to focused on the slowly mounting pressure to make the threat seem serious.

Five minutes passed. Then ten. Then fifteen. Her legs shook, and she knew holding all the liquids from earlier in would be futile at best in this position. The dragoness set her hands on her lower abdomen again, squirming a bit. She could almost hear the pent-up liquids sloshing inside her.
Dasha moaned quietly, glancing down at herself. Of all the people in the world, why her? Though she wanted to feel bad for herself, she couldn't manage to focus past the pressure within her, which was swiftly mounting to an alarming rate. She was vaguely aware of the director ordering to roll tape.

"Mmmph," the dragoness clamped her mouth shut and squeezed her eyes closed, fighting the need to cross her legs together. Minutes felt like hours now, her bladder filled to its brim and ready to burst. It felt like a water balloon that had been filled to much, the slightest tap causing it to- "Ah!" Dasha huffed, grabbing her crotch and doubling over just slightly.

She was sweating a bit now with the effort it took to hold back the liquid inside her. Forgetting her pride, the dragoness writhed and squirmed, trying to think of another way to keep the imminent flood back as long as possible. Finally, Dasha swiftly removed her hands and pressed her tail against her lower regions. The slight wetness told her she'd leaked just a small bit, probably unnoticeable to anyone but her.

Dasha shifted and moved, trying to keep her body under control. A powerful wave of desperation hit her, causing the dragoness to gasp and use her hands to press her tail more firmly against herself. She blushed from humiliation, knowing that she must look like a complete fool.

It happened again, but this time, some of the liquid escaped her. A few drops hit the white fabric below her. Dasha was shaking now, barely noticing the sign held just off stage to her right.
She couldn't believe what the sign said, so for a moment, she didn't comply. But, knowing she needed the money (and certainly didn't want to do this a second time), the dragoness took a deep breath, tensing every muscle in her body, and complied.

The effort it took was immense, but she managed well enough. Groaning, Dasha wondered how long she could stay this tense for. Her bladder ached, and she figured she'd have knots in her muscles for weeks at this rate; exaggeration or not, that was certainly how it felt. Time escaped her, but it didn't feel like very long until another sign was held up.
They were really pushing it now. As the dragoness tried to comply, she felt a small amount of the liquid escape her, and had to put her tail back down some to assure that it stopped. After a moment of re-composure, Dasha lifted her tail, giving the camera a view of her tightly clenched, bikini-clad rear.

Her bladder weakened a great deal at the action. The warm liquids she was trying so hard to keep trapped started to seep out, darkening the crotch of her bikini. Groaning, she tried again to stop the stream, which had now dripped down onto the white fabric, staining it yellow. Just as she managed to stop the flow, another sign was held up.
Dasha stifled an angry roar. These people were ridiculous! But right when she tried to carefully shift again (as being on her knees for so long was a tad painful), her control wavered, then vanished.
The stream of liquid that had been fighting for release for so long were barely held back by the little bikini. Dasha moaned at the feeling of being able to go after so long. She certainly didn't find this sexual, but it felt good to relax her muscles. Despite the short-lived relief, the dragoness knew she still had a ways to go before this was over.

Stopping by contracting her muscles again wasn't working, though, as they were to weak to obey her. Instead, though it had been one of the last things she'd wanted to do, Dasha grabbed herself tightly, pressing her hand against herself so that she would stop. The dragoness shook and groaned, but managed to stop the stream again.
Just for the hell of it, she glanced down at her lower abdomen. It was still bulging, looking just as big as before, and still felt just as full. Dasha groaned again, another spasm of urgency racing through her bladder, weakening the muscles even further. More liquid seeped out, running down her legs and onto the ruined fabric beneath her.

Placing a hand on her stomach, the dragoness growled inwardly at herself and the sick people around her. Knowing that she was seconds from bursting, the dragoness leaned forward a bit, removing her hands from her body and placing them in front of her, lifting her tail high and pushing her rump into the air, completely letting go.
The trapped liquid came like a jet of water, hissing out of her and pouring onto the fabric below. She didn't care at this point, but she better get her damn money or heads would roll and fur would fly (and be charred)! Heck, after she got her money, that might happen anyways.

It was quite a while before her stomach began to 'deflate' as the liquid was removed from her body. But, eventually, it stopped, leaving a dull ache in her lower abdomen and in serious need of a shower.
"And, cut!" the director clapped, standing up. "Dasha, sweetie, that was wonderful-"
"First, I want a shower," the dragoness hissed, standing up, "then, I want my money. Understand?" Being easily three or four heads taller than the fox, she could easily intimidate him. The smaller furry backed up a few steps, smiling nervously.
"Y-yes, of course, go ahead," he nodded. And with that, Dasha stormed over to the woman's room, hopping into one of the tiny showers and scrubbing herself down a good four or five times.


"Sweetie, good to see you!" the grey fox smiled, walking up to the clearly annoyed dragoness. It'd been a full month since she'd worked for him, but recently he'd been bugging her about wanting to chat.
"This better be good," Dasha growled, staring the other down.
"Of course, of course," he put his hands up in front of him, a universal 'calm your tits' sign.
"What do you want?" she snapped.
"I was just thinking, babe, you did so well," the fox jumped back when Dasha's pearly whites snapped at his nose. "Come now, don't be like that! The moneys good, you know, and I know you still need it," he grinned.
"How much?" the dragoness seethed.
"You know those pretty condos up on top of the sky scrapers?"
"You could buy twenty, and a new brother."
"I despise you," Dasha extended her hand, "but, sadly, you have a deal." The grey fox took her hand, shaking it firmly.
"That's what I thought, sweetie."